@Mcook68 tells us @BradLowe164 from @BelfryFootball1 is a stud. We listen to Mark Cook, so should you!

As has been explained umpteen number of times, KPGFootball relies on a bevy of well-placed scouts across the commonwealth who report back to us who the players are. These guys, our network, are invaluable to this operation.

No magazine or news outlet, online or otherwise, has been more accurate and on the money predicting the next generation of high school football stars in the Bluegrass than we. Not a single, solitary one. Matter of fact, it isn’t even remotely close.

The secret to our success is people like Belfry, Kentucky’s Mark Cook. He did raise Kentucky’s premier 2020-player at OLB/TE in Air Force Academy’s Grayson Cook, so it isn’t like he doesn’t know about what he is talking.

Mark Cook has told us Brad Lowe, Class of 2021 from Belfry High School, is the commonwealth’s premier player at the OLB and TE positions in Kentucky. We have seen him play, both live and on film, so we agree with him.

Even if we didn’t, we would defer to Coach Cook. For reasons above described, he would know better than we.

What is there not to like about this Brad Lowe? He’s 6-4 and weighs 200-very-well-put-together-pounds. He sports a 3.96 GPA. He runs the 40-yard dash in 4.7 seconds. His wing-span is sick, over 80-inches.

He had an injury-shortened junior season. That is the only reason he isn’t sporting numerous D-I offers right now.

Lowe is every bit as fine of a prospect as Seth Mounts. In fact, the two of them are very similar, both defensively and in body-frame. Both of them are (or certainly should be) highly coveted by college programs.

Even missing some games, Lowe registered 32-tackles on defense at outside LBer and was devastating in the run-game, blocking the edge for the Pirates very potent run-attack. Please, go watch some film on this guy. Man, this kid can flat play.

If you will look under his picture above, you will see we have linked his highlights. We have made it too easy for you. You’re welcome.

Now, and I think Grayson Cook would have to concede this, it can be difficult to get recruited at the TE-spot coming from a team which doesn’t throw much to anyone, least of all the TE. However, the Air Force Academy dipped into fertile waters and came away with a tremendous catch.

Could they do it a second time? Could it be some other school smart enough to turn over a few rocks?

We don’t know, but if the Falcons wanted another Grayson Cook-type, and after next season we believe they certainly will, look no further than Brad Lowe. Matter of fact, there is plenty of mountain length and athletic ability abounding in the Appalachia-region. Colleges, and combines like the Appalachia Prep Combine, are discovering just that.

We can’t say this any more fervently to the schools out there who subscribe and read this site. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS PROSPECT! Yes, we meant to yell.

Somebody is going to take this kid and give him a ride to play football for them in college. When that happens, they will discover what we already know…Mark Cook is pretty darn-smart.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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