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November 21, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

Kory Combs is the very picture of guts. That is why this article has the title it does. That is why Combs is so highly regarded among his football playing brethren across the commonwealth. Enjoy this article. HB.

Ty Phillips, the type ‘can’t miss’ middle schooler we’ve been discussing… @KyHighFootball @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @MaxPreps @evans02_mike @Yfnmcnary @KYFUTURESTARS @1776Bank @kyhighs @WebCoFootball @HLpreps

November 19, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

We talk about ‘no doubters’ in football. Those are prospects who come from the middle school ranks likely or even destined to play, and play early, under the Friday Night Lights sometime over the course of their freshman seasons. We are very good at identifying those types. Our track record of correctly calling it before it happens is well documented. Well, Ty Phillips, from Webster County, looks like a ‘no doubter’ to us. Enjoy the feature. HB.

Cortez Stone, ’25 RB, has his Yellow Jackets ‘sting-crazy’ and headed to Russellville. Stone is also the @minguabeefjerky ‘Protein-packed Performer’ of the Week. @DLCoach_Danford @LippertScouting @austin_rayno @coachadler @Coach_CotterLWC @BryanAult @RyanRayno3 @1776Bank @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @kyhighs @HLpreps @MaxPreps @8gocrazzyy @teeroyhowell @CHSJacketFB @loucentralsport @CHSJACKETS

November 16, 2022 Henry Lyon 1

Cortez Stone was the best RB in Kentucky as a freshman among ’25’s in our opinion. He hasn’t slumped any this sophomore season either. In round two he carried his team to a convincing victory. How much farther can he carry the Yellow Jackets? Don’t know, that road through Russellville and Logan County High is a killer. Enjoy this article and don’t forget to make the time to #savortheflavor of the country finest all-beef jerky products. HB.

Bourbon County ‘Jonesing’ for talent; David Jones, Jr., ’28, showing the apple didn’t fall far from its tree. @davidjones_7 @BWStinson @bigcat6394 @camboat06 @rileystinsonn @BourbonFootball @LippertScouting @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @1776Bank @MaxPreps @kyhighs @HLpreps @KyHighFootball

November 8, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

The acorn didn’t fall far from this tree. Little Jones impressed us with his performance at the Team Kentucky FBU Elite Combine November 6, in Berea, Kentucky. We were so smitten we thought we might as well tell you about it. Enjoy the feature about this top ’28 prospect. HB.

Andrew Nason is running toward his destiny, and WoFo’s, with record performance… @AndrewNason21 @JonesCoachFBall @Woodfordqbclub @WofoNews @SFord_7 @4adenN @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @1776Bank @MaxPreps @KyHighFootball @kyhighs

November 3, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

This guy here has to be an early favorite for the ’25 “Mr. Football” race. He’s good at races as a member of the Woodford County Track & Field team. We seem to cover him a ton; but then again, we do cover the studs and he is certainly that.

Amari Riley proving a Juggernaut for the Lloyd Memorial Defense. @LMHSAthletics @TBNKonline @lloyd_football @502SportsReview @Bluegrasspreps @HLPreps @kyhighs @KyHighFootball @minguabeefjerky @1776Bank @PrepSpin @MaxPreps

October 22, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

Every now and then we feature a star player and discover there are plenty of other stars on the roster with our feature. Oh well, we aren’t running out of ink around here. Enjoy this look at a player wowing onlookers in the Northern Kentucky region of the KHSAA. You may know them as Erlanger-Lloyd, or Lloyd-Memorial, but the “Juggernauts” will do just fine. HB.

Oscar ‘JT’ Adams from Paducah Tilghman, ’23 MLB, should generate plenty of interest. @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @OCathFootball @MaxPreps @HLpreps @kyhighs @1776Bank¬†@PTBlueTornado @PTHS_fan @coachthomp9¬†@CentreFootball¬†

October 13, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

Football is a tall man’s game, huh? Well we know some players throughout and around Kentucky who may beg to differ. JT Adams is as tough as they come at the MLB position for Paducah’s Blue Tornado. The senior will leave his mark on most of Kentucky before this ride is finished. Enjoy the feature. HB.

The @minguabeefjerky Protein-packed Performer of the Week is Kris Hughes from Union County. @1776Bank @PrepSpin @KrisHughes04 @Coach_JSimpson @PrepSpin @kyhighs @HLpreps @KyHighFootball @MaxPreps

October 5, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

Union County has really been a force with which to reckon over the past few seasons. It seems the Braves are in the title hunt in 3A, and in one of 3A’s toughest districts (District 1), annually. Having players like Kris Hughes certainly doesn’t hurt matters. You wait until you see what the young man did this past Friday night. Enjoy the feature and don’t forget to pick up a bag of your favorite Mingua Beef Jerky and #SavortheFlavor! HB.

Cade Sullivan, ‘The Berea Blast,’ may be the best athlete in the ’23 class… @1776Bank @minguabeefjerky @kyhighs @HLpreps @MaxPreps @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @mshsfb_eagles @Mshs_Eagles_

October 3, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

We have followed Cade Sullivan since his being one of Kentucky’s finest coming out of its middle school ranks. He has been a superstar in HS too, just on a team which has struggled which impacts many players who find themselves so situated. This kid is drawing D-1 looks and has D-1 speed. We would call him an athlete. Read this article and let us know what you would call him. HB.