Dylan Branson is the @minguabeefjerky Protein-packed Performer of the Week @DylanBranson91 @1776Bank @KyHighFootball @WoodfordFBall @AlPopsFootball @PrepRedzoneKY

June 19, 2024 Fletcher Long 0

Not all middle school players are equally constituted. Some arrive with high school, varsity ready frames to compete immediately. We would put Dylan Branson from Woodford County in that class. Enjoy this feature and and don’t forget to #SavorTheFlavor of the country’s very finest beef jerky products. Friday Night Fletch.

Amonti Marshall from Bardstown is ready to make the senior year count! @Amonti07 @BardstownFootb1 @TTaylor_55 @minguabeefjerky @840WHAS @1776Bank @KyHighFootball

June 18, 2024 Fletcher Long 0

Bardstown High can sure develop some talent. Remember Tyleeq Williams from a year ago. He gained 1,834-yards and scored 20-rushing TDs. HIs backfield mate, Amonti Marshall had quite a year too. Marshall is back in ’24 for a final tour and early indications are he may have a Tyleeq-like impact. Enjoy the feature. Friday Night Fletch.

Jackson Whitten from Bracken County emerging as a top target for many surrounding programs @Jackson Whitten2 @Nevels_Fitness @merz_max @minguabeefjerky @1776Bank @840WHAS

June 17, 2024 Fletcher Long 0

’26 DL/QB getting tons of looks and offers Jackson Whitten is a 6’3,” 245-pounder who bench presses close to three-hundred, squats close to four-hundred, and power cleans a cool two plates (225-pounds). He has a 4.2 GPA and a registered 25 on his ACT. Bottom line; what’s not to like? […]

Jarvis Strickland, from Paducah Tilghman, is the @1776Bank Revolutionary Player of the Week. @CoachJohn423 @supermax100 @NCEC_Recruiting @scoop1914 @coachthomp9 @pths_football @Coachjpatton @jarvisstrick14 @minguabeefjerky @840WHAS @KyHighFootball

June 14, 2024 Fletcher Long 0

Today we are thrilled to reward the play of perhaps the best OL prospect we have seen play anywhere in the commonwealth since we have been doing this. We are huge Jarvis Strickland fans. Enjoy this feature and don’t forget to get by your local Independence Bank and discover why and how our people, financial products, and services have started a revolution in the Kentucky banking industry. Friday Night Fletch.

Storm Warning: Jeremiah Groves ready to take the reins of the football program @HopkinsCentral @_CoachManning @minguabeefjerky @1776Bank @KyHighFootball @MaxPreps

June 13, 2024 Fletcher Long 0

Jeremiah Groves is a guy who couldn’t be framed out much better. He is 6’3,” north of 200-pounds, and has a versatile skill set which has lent itself well to his contributing to the team in a variety of ways. Groves scored a TD receiving, logged a “scoop and score,” was among the team leaders in tackles and sacks. Enjoy this feature about a player in Morton’s Gap who will figure prominently in the program’s success in 2024. Friday Night Fletch.

Mak Hoover, ATH from ‘Mighty Mayfield’ High, is the @minguabeefjerky Protein-packed Performer of the Week @mak_hoover @blts_network @APHatchellMHS

June 12, 2024 Fletcher Long 0

Mak Hoover is a 6’1,” 175-pound Athlete who plays receiver/SS in football and also stars in basketball and track. In an offseason where we have focused on versatility, this has been just another fine example of this attribute. Enjoy this feature and and don’t forget to #SavorTheFlavor of the country’s very finest beef jerky products. Friday Night Fletch.

Bardstown has a Marshall at the controls- @Amonti07 @_K_Young14 @BardstownFootb1 @Coach_Dunn_ @minguabeefjerky @840WHAS @1776Bank @KyHighFootball

June 11, 2024 Fletcher Long 0

Amonti Marshall is among the more versatile athletes running a 4A football team anywhere in the commonwealth of Kentucky. In’23 he threw for nearly a thousand yards (953) and ran for nearly another (862) while being a defensive leader who contributed 9-TFLs and a pair of QB-sacks. He is a 315-pound presser and squats 410. Little wonder this 3.0-GPA student would run 40-yard dashes in 4.6-seconds flat. The Tigers have been preseason picked 5th in Kentucky 4A by NationsElite. Players like Marshall will do that for a coach every time. Enjoy the feature. Friday Night Fletch

Leelen Vanover, from Madison Southern High, is (likely) the best lineman in the KHSAA in its 2027 class @Leelen75 @Drake_Jackson52 @coachpayne64 @CoachHarpMS @FBCoachWolf @minguabeefjerky @1776Bank @840WHAS @KyHighFootball

June 10, 2024 Fletcher Long 0

Leelen Vanover has been judged one of Kentucky’s top five (5) OL in the high school game we would suppose. We believe it must be an overall ranking because we can’t fathom there being four other freshmen/rising sophomore linemen in Kentucky on par with Vanover. Vanover is 6’2,” 280-pounds of grown looking and he has a 4.0 GPA. He is getting Division-1 looks right now and that attention is only going to get more common and fierce as we move along his high school career. He can play any of the five (5) upfront slots along the offensive line. Enjoy this feature. Friday Night Fletch.