Joshuah Keith belongs to all of us after today…

There are times where the words escape even us. We saw a legendary, star performance worthy of mythology out of Kentucky’s 7th grade QB in the Kentucky-Tennessee Future Stars Classic. It left us speechless and that isn’t good because it is our responsibility to tell all of you about it. This is the best we could do, hope it is enough. Enjoy the article as we do the best we are capable to describe the indescribable.

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Keegan Hill (Photo:Captured Memories by Christi) from Alexandria, KY the “Napoléon” of Team Kentucky Future Stars (8th) to face a diminutive field general in his own right, Tennessee’s Jordyn Potts…

Two QBs who have had tremendous success under center but neither of whom are the framed out type of pro-style guys generally playing in a game like this will square off on June 15 in Clarksville, Tennessee at Fortera Stadium. Both of these guys have “it.” By “it” we mean all the intangibles which make one a difference maker at the QB position. Meet Keegan Hill (KY) and Jordyn Potts (TN) and get ready for what should be quite the

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