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October 4, 2022 Henry Lyon 1

He is a transfer from 4A Hopkinsville High School. With the struggles Hoptown has experienced with QB play, and with the efficiency this young ’25 QB has displayed, don’t you imagine the transfer of this particular player to Woodford County is all the more painful? Enjoy this look at a player whose candidacy for the ’25 graduating class’s “Mr. Football” award is looking all the more legitimate, week after week. HB.

@willmcdaniel_ from @BCRebelFootball is the @minguabeefjerky “Protein-packed Performer of the Week.” @1776Bank @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball

December 16, 2020 Henry Lyon 2

If you have been reading our weekly “Outstanding Performances…” articles, the series of articles should have impressed upon you how very difficult winning this award really is. We had another spectacular week where there were numerous performances any one of which would have been a fine performance to single-out. This week, heading into the Championships, we honor a senior who exhibited an outstanding effort leading his team to a Semi-State Title and helping take the whole lot grocery shopping on Kroger Field hunting the 4A Title to bring back to “Title Town.” This guy was tough between the tackles and tore up a normally stingy defense in the fourth round, finding the end-zone three times in the offing. Enjoy the article and join us next week as we honor another worthy recipient. HB.

Class of 2020’s Quinton Carlton moves to the “next level”

February 28, 2020 Henry Lyon 0

Quinton Carlton has worked tirelessly and has performed sufficiently well enough to get to do something, going forward, that only 6.9 % of high school players will ever get to do. He has signed to play in college. We suspect you haven’t heard the last of this outstanding player as his talents will really shine once he hits the field on Saturdays. Enjoy the article. HB.

Friday Night’s weekly winners…August 30, 2019!

August 26, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

Throughout the season we pick weekly winners. It was one of our more popular segments a year ago. This year we will decide which games we cover based on our “hits.” Read us, you get covered. Ignore us, we ignore you. These are some Friday night match-ups in areas where we get a lot of views. This week we thought we might enliven things by singling out some games for witty commentary. You have to be a member to read this level of content. That’s what keeps us in business.

The Weekend’s BIGGEST upset! Week “zero” in the books (Featured Photo: Bac Totrong/Daily News)!

August 25, 2019 Henry Lyon 2

Well, week “zero” is in the books and old Coach Lyon was 63-50 this weekend. That wouldn’t be too bad if we were a major league baseball team but we aren’t accustomed to a win percentage south of 60% around KPGFootball. I literally can feel Fletcher Long out there smirking (He won with much more frequency last season). Anyway, it would help Coach’s win percentage considerably if defending State Champions could manage to beat 2-win teams from 2018 at home, where they had thrashed them last year on the road. It would also be nice if 2-win teams from Nashville, Tennessee could come up the road 50 minutes and not beat Class 5A contenders. Oh well, lots of things would be nice, I suppose. Enjoy the article more than I am enjoying my crow.

Coach Lyon’s Class 4A preseason top-10 football poll…

July 27, 2019 Fletcher Long 0

Someone contacted old Coach Lyon and asked when we were going to put out our preseason top-10 football polls for each classification. Well, today seemed like as good a day as any to continue the tradition. Since KPGFootball started with the top classification when picking district winners, this time we started with Class 1A and yesterday we projected Class 3A. Today we give you our projections for the next classification up from the lowest one, here is Class 4A!

This Week’s Meeks and Meeks Attorneys Montgomery County Player of the Week is Hopkinsville’s Reece Jesse, Jr.

July 20, 2019 Fletcher Long 0

We know, we know, Hopkinsville is in Christian County, Kentucky and not Montgomery County, Tennessee. However the two towns, just a few miles apart, have been growing toward each other for years and the way the two are developing as cities they are bound to merge before too long. Regardless, Hopkinsville and Clarksville residents have always considered the two cities the same metropolitan area and countless numbers of the one city’s residents live in the one and work in the other. Enjoy this feature on the hottest WR prospect currently in Kentucky anywhere outside of the mountains and Louisville, Reece Jesse, Jr. This is brought to you by your friends and neighbors, Meeks and Meeks Attorney’s in Clarksville, Tennessee where, if you have a problem, they have the solution.