We Think these players will make Team Kentucky Future Stars 2019…#Brotherhood!

This is behind the paywall, membership has its privileges type content. In this article KPGFootball, being the only publication in Kentucky’s history to cover middle school football, gives you our educated guess about whom will make this Summer’s Teams Kentucky Future Stars. Enjoy, but don’t share. Remember, #MembershipHasItsPrivileges! #Brotherhood!

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Is West Bloomfield, Michigan’s Michael D. Williams, II destined to be a Champion of the West?

We got the privilege of coaching this kid when we were on the coaching staff of the East All-American team at the Bret Cooper Junior All-American Classic in Dallas, Texas two years ago. Michael D. Williams played TE for us and was one of the more superb athletes in the game for either team. We weren’t surprised to hear he was already drawing offers from schools like The University of Michigan. Read this article to learn why Harbaugh was so quick to pull the trigger on this kid.

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