Keegan Hill (Photo:Captured Memories by Christi) from Alexandria, KY the “Napoléon” of Team Kentucky Future Stars (8th) to face a diminutive field general in his own right, Tennessee’s Jordyn Potts…

Neither Keegan Hill (KY) nor Jordyn Potts (TN), at first glance, fit the stature of your more “statuesque” quarterbacks. Then again, neither did one of history’s greatest military commanders fit the “statuesque” frame of what one expects of a major military figure. Never stopped him from being wildly successful.

The commander of whom the little “undersized” QBs most remind us, is a person whose name should be immediately familiar to you. His name was Napoléon Bonaparte. He was known most

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  1. Thanks for using my picture. It would be great to credit the photographer, Captured Memories by Christi.

    1. Christi, will go back in a credit the photo immediately. Thanks for telling me I had pulled it from Facebook (either his mother’s page or his) and figured his mother had taken it. Sorry.

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