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Henry will play for Williamsburg in '23 and hopes the change in scenery benefits both the Yellow Jackets and him

’24 LB/RB hopes to find his stride for the Yellow Jackets

Everything about this kid screams football player. He really looks the part. He is 5’10,” around 200 pounds and plays LB/RB. He is well put together and someone who looks like “Tarzan” in a uniform fully padded. Sometimes a kid just needs a chance in scenery to fulfill his full potential. We think the move from Whitley County to Williamsburg may end up being just what the doctor ordered.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball

“Thank you, thank you, oh, you lovely St. Louis Cardinals. Nice doing business with you. Please call again any time.” That was written in 1964 by famed Chicago Daily News sportswriter, Bob Smith.

Smith was just thrilled with the Cubs trade with archenemies, St. Louis. What wasn’t to like?

The trade would send pitcher Ernie Broglio to the Cubs in exchange for a lightly regarded and light hitting outfielder who would turn 25 three days after the six-player deal. Let’s face facts, this Cub outfielder wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire.

Broglio, the pitcher the Cardinals dealt, had gone 18-8 the year before and had led the league with 21-wins a few years prior. He was a bone fide star and Cy Young candidate.

Who was the outfielder, you ask? Have you ever heard of Lou Brock?

At the time of the trade, Brock was stroking a .251 average at the plate. After arriving in St. Louis, he went on to finish the season raking at a .348 clip and stealing 33-bases.

For his career, Brock would join the 3,000-hit club and become the greatest base-stealer in history, 938-swipes, at the time of his retiring.

Henry is hoping a new team dynamic will benefit him over his senior year as a Williamsburg Yellow Jacket

Fletcher Long, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

Brock is enshrined in the Hall of Fame. None of you, reading this, have the foggiest idea, or have even (before now) ever heard, of Ernie Broglio.

The game changer for Brock, according to Brock, was team dynamics. Henry is hoping to benefit from the same his senior year as a Williamsburg Yellow Jacket.

Jamon Henry is a 5’10,” 200-pound adonis. He is listed as a RB/LB and we must confess surprise we couldn’t find any stats for him registered online. We looked everywhere.

We contacted a Whitely county agent of the magazine. This guy told us Henry started the season in ’22 at Whitley and transferred over to Williamsburg in the hopes he may see more playing time. Henry didn’t play a varsity snap at Whitley, or so we were told.

That is hard for us to imagine. Henry sure doesn’t look like a guy struggling to find the field in any of his photographs.

His not playing much at Whitley is neither an indictment of the program at the county schools nor a criticism of at the player. Like Lou Brock in Chicago, perhaps the Whitley program just didn’t have the right team dynamics for him to succeed. Who knows what Henry will do with this reset, and change in scenery.

I mean, Lou Brock is in the Hall of Fame. Whose to say Henry won’t assimilate into his new looker room in a like manner?

That’s why we play the games. I suppose we shall see.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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