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James Trosper leads "Stewie's" Connor Cougars

’25 OT ranked among the very best in Kentucky

We have made our bones evaluating (successfully?) lineman across Kentucky. It can be a bit tricky as young men can grow into humongous frames and it can take a second for the agility to catch up to the length. Still, some guys just have “it” and many around our office believe this to be true of Dylan (Stewie) Stewart from Connor. EKU has already “pulled the trigger” and we believe there will be plenty to follow.

HB Lyon, Scouting Divison, KPGFootball

Have you ever seen two brothers fighting in the yard. We are talking about two brothers of vastly different sizes and vastly different ages.

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You have seen it. The big guy infuriating “little brother,” and the little guy initiating a furious charge to get at big brother so he can sock him one.

The larger of the two usually extends an arm, holds the front of the younger brother’s head, leaving the little brother helpless to do anything apart from flailing wildly at a target he just can’t reach. The younger brother usually just flails away until he loses interest or is left too spent to continue.

If you have seen this played out in front of you, or if you have ever been one of the two brothers big or little, you just learned why college football coaches prize length, up front, like they do. Height and “wing-spans” are where it’s at, man. You can be mad about that all you want, but it doesn’t change a thing.

Dylan Stewart, a.k.a. “Stewie,” has height and length. Stewart is 6’5,” weighs 290-pounds, and played OT for a 5A program in 2022. It is a program which struggled offensively even with the long-limbed albatross stationed on its up-front, outside edge.

Stewart…is a Division I caliber offensive tackle

Ryan Lippert, Prep Redzone

Connor only scored 90-points in ’22, gaining 546-yards through the air and 1,191-yards rushing. Those are some numbers having an older, better developed OT in Stewart in ’23 should help significantly. That 2-9 from ’22 could use some juice too.

Stewart is an offensive lineman who has more than a few interested in him. First of all, talk about your length, how does a 6’8″ wingspan hit you? That’s 80-inches, brother; and that has drawn D-1, FBS interest, including EKU who has already offered the rising junior.

Stewart has a final statistic we relish, as do college programs. Stewart sports a 3.6 GPA. Stewart’s a sound investment and an NCAA Clearinghouse cinch. Programs love that, perhaps, most of all.

Stewart has also caught the attention of Ryan Lippert of Lippert Scouting and Prep Redzone. Lippert says, “Stewart holds an offer from EKU and I expect more to come his way as he is a Division I caliber offensive tackle.”

Well, there you go. Wouldn’t expect many to know more about it than he.

That isn’t all Lippert noticed. “Stewart is a physical blocker with an initial punch strong enough to knock an opposing defensive lineman off their feet. [Stewart] also has shown the ability to pull from the tackle spot and pick up blocks in the open field as a lead blocker.”

Where does that leave this prospect. According to PrepRedzone, Stewart is Kentucky’s 23rd best player in the ’25 class overall and 3rd best among OT’s.

Where are we on all of this? We’re left thinking we wish we had a scholarship to give him. This guy is only going to get better and better as he grows into that frame and reaches his full physical potential.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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