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Vanderkooi and his teammates at NLMS perennially challenge for titles

’27 prospect doing “grown man” things in the weight room

Vanderkooi is an interesting study as he braces to enter the ninth-grade. He appears perfectly built to step right into the center position along the offensive front, he could play either guard, he could also be an interior DL as well. The way he moves, H-Back or fullback can’t be discounted. This is a football player’s, football player.

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Max Vanderkooi plays for, arguably, the most prestigious, perennial power playing middle school football today in the commonwealth. Year after year, the Jaguars are perpetually in contention to win a title at both the seventh (7th) and eighth (8th)-grade levels.

Why you may wonder? Playing talent like Vanderkooi would be one reason. The other would be an excellent coaching staff adept at developing talent.

We are big fans of Vanderkooi and believe his future is either as a center along the offensive front or a zero-three technique along the defense front. Vanderkooi is a horse.

Vanderkooi reports a 185-pound bench press. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if it isn’t considerably higher as we can’t say (for sure) the age of that reporting.

Vanderkooi reports a 185-pound bench press and a 345-pound back squat

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Vanderkooi reports a 345-pound back squat. Before you start rolling your eyes, assuming the spotter really helped him or questioning his depth, here is a video of the lift. See for yourself.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how that is done. Outstanding lift for the young man who, frankly, is anatomically suited for that type lifting discipline.

Where Vanderkooi fits into a high school roster, or even a college roster, will depend on how his frame finishes. We can tell you what we see, but we would prefer to just let the Almighty tell us when He is finished with Vanderkooi.

Regardless, this 5’9,” 210-pound tank looks poised to be a big-splash at the high school level early this next Fall. If you are looking for a ninth (9th)-grader likely to hit the field early, we believe Vanderkooi may well be your man.

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