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Phalon Richardson, From Murray High, is among the better DL prospects in Kentucky's '24 class on the western end of the Commonwealth. Photo Credit: JOHN WRIGHT/Ledger & Times

’24 DE/LG sets for big senior season

Every year some college recruiter tries to convince us one of our finest prospects in the western end of Kentucky just doesn’t have the “measurables” to play at his program’s level. Every year, some “other program” swoops in an takes a chance which really isn’t much of a chance at all. Every year the player with out the length or height desires proves he belongs and absolutely studs out for the program which acted like it was doing him the favor. It is the “same old story.” Well Richardson can play and there are plenty of college programs recruiting him. When he kills it, next level, get ready for the “We told you so’s” from us.

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Phalon Richardson had quite the year in ’22 as a junior. It would have helped if Murray had finished a bit better than 6-6, but, hey, there is always ’23.

Richardson doesn’t have the classic frame to play DE. He is 5’10,” and is listed anywhere from 218-230-pounds.

He reps the high school, bench press, rep-weight (185-pounds) ten (10)-times. He squats 330. Richardson cleans a pair of plates (225). Translation is…he’s explosive.

His numbers support that proposition. Richardson logged 83-tackles as a junior in ’22. Richardson chipped in 3-TFL’s while leading the defensive unit for Murray’s Tigers in both sacks (4 of 16) and FF’s (1 of 2).

Richardson logged 83-tackles, chipped in 3-TFL’s, while leading the defensive unit in both sacks (4 of 16) and FF’s (1 of 2)

KHSAA statistical website

We have a picture appended to this article of Richardson in a three-point stance about to fire-off. If you can’t tell from that, what kind of player he is then perhaps this isn’t the publication for you. Most of our readers know quite a bit about football.

Perhaps the finest number recommending this particular athlete to the college level is his GPA. Richardson is a three-point (3.0) student and a sure qualifier who will easily pass the NCAA Clearinghouse.

This is a quality prospect for colleges at various levels of competition. As we look over this prospect’s Twitter followers, as good as any indicator for the recruiting boards listing him as any of which we know in the industry, it is pretty clear this is an “in demand” target for many schools.

Richardson is a three-point (3.0) student and a sure qualifier who will easily pass the NCAA Clearinghouse

GPA published to @PhalonRichards1 on Twitter

In fact, with his dimensions, he is being recruited by the “Who’s, who” of small college programs in and around Kentucky. This is something of which he should be fiercely proud.

Richardson’s also a guy who will get Murray High back to its previous program standards. We know this, along the way, the Tiger fans from Murray High should enjoy the show. Programs don’t get players like this one every day.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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