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6’3,” 220-pound ATH among commonwealth’s most coveted in ’24

Brach Rice has an impressive list of offers heading into the summer between his junior and senior seasons. To make a quail hunting analogy, there are plenty of hunters who would love to have schools Bowling Green, EKU, Miami of Ohio, Toledo, and Wofford already safely in the game pocket of their favorite hunting coat strolling down the fence row of life’s soy bean field. This kid has all the measurables and intangibles any program could crave. Do you know what else? He can flat play the game of football too. Rice’s efforts have been noticed even when toiling away for a program struggling to regain the surface.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball

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KPGFootball on the quality of Mingua’s product

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Brach Rice is built like a perverbial brick crap-house. Those of you familiar with this analogy know it isn’t “crap-house;” but, oh well, we are a family friendly, online sports coverage service.

How many teams can boast or a LB standing 6’3,” and weighing in at 220-pounds. We call that height. We call that length.

Rice lists his primary position as “LB.” His statistics support that contention.

However, his secondary position is TE. While he didn’t get a ton of targets on offense (after all, he’s the top defender on the roster) Rice did catch one pass…and take it 57-yards.

Brach Rice primarily played defense in ’22; which didn’t stop his one reception from covering 57-yards

KHSAA statistical website

Rice lists Bowling Green, EKU, Miami of Ohio, Toledo, and Wofford as offers headed into the offseason between his junior and senior years. Should he not add an additional offer, and we think both Marshall and WKU are edging closer to pulling the trigger, he’s still sitting pretty.

Defensively, in ’22, Rice registered 126-stops; 12-TFL’s, and 5 of the team’s 7 QB-sacks in 11-games. Rice led the ball club in tackles, tackles for loss, and QB-sacks playing 6A, District 6 football.

Rice played in 11-games a year ago and his production only figures to increase as his team advances further in the KHSAA playoff scheme. Rice is a 2X All-Stater at LB, 1st team All-NKY performer, together with various all-conference and all-district distinctions achieved over the course of his varsity HS career.

That all checks with his prodigious offer list. He has the offers one would expect an All-State, 6’3,” 220-pound-LB to have playing 6A Kentucky football.

Rice has the offers one would expect an All-State, 6’3,” 220-pound-LB to have

Fletcher Long, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

We have awarded this to Rice as we can’t fathom how any one student athlete could possibly be anymore important to his team’s overall bid for success as Rice. On this basis, Mingua Beef Jerky and we decided this talented and accomplished ’24 LB/TE could use a bolt of protein and a sweet T-shirt. The company volunteered to send that to him, straight away.   

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This is Fletcher W. Long reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE and don’t forget to SAVOR THE FLAVOR! 

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