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Mid-Sky Conference Champions, 2023, 11-1

McGee’s charges polish off 11-win season

Having a middle school program feeding players to the varsity capable of competing for immediate playing time is key in today’s football. There are freshmen all over the commonwealth putting in unbelievable performances. Kylan Combs at Breathitt was his team’s leading rusher this past Friday night. Zane Johnson, QB at Trinity, may lead the Shamrocks to a 6A title this year. He, for sure, has those boys playing mighty well especially of late. Trigg has some 8th-grade players the varsity coaches can’t wait to get their hands on for the next few years. Those boys have flat balled out this year.

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Mid-Sky Conference Championship Game score: Trigg Middle, 44, Glasgow "Scotties" 18

How many of you remember when we first came online? We covered a ton of middle school football, in those days, because the local rags refused to report on middle school football.

We cover Friday Night exhaustively now, hence our brand’s explosion; but, we still remember our roots. We still like to keep our hand in the middle school game.

Great role model/great coach

Middle school football is critical. From whence do you think tomorrow’s stars come anyway?

Trigg County has a very fine head football coach steering the middle school program. His name is Taylor McGee and he was an all-stater “back in the day,” and a championship, heavyweight powerlifter.

McGee bench pressed 435-pounds in high school. When he did it, it was the Heavyweight, high school powerlifting record on that lift.

DC Boone from Owensboro Apollo has eclipsed McGee’s former mark. Boone pressed 475-pounds just 4-5 years ago.

I was at the meet when he did it. That poundage may be hard to beat for future high school lifters.

McGee assembled a fine staff and the team has performed very well this year

Friday Night Fletch

McGee went on to play football in college. He has assembled a quality staff and their hard work is paying off with championship rings.

Timmy Willians, QB/Athlete, may be one of Kentucky’s premier football players in the entire breadth of the commonwealth. Williams is on a team which doesn’t belong to the KYMSFA (Kentucky Middle School Football Association) so he won’t be permitted to try out for any of the “Team Kentucky” squads.

We covered that circuit for years. Believe us when we say, he is as good as any 8th-grade “Team Kentucky” player we ever covered. We have provided a link to some highlights. Judge for your self.

Williams is not alone. He figures to start next season for the Wildcats as a 9th-grader and he won’t be alone in that either. The Wildcats had several large, explosive, and exceedingly mobile linemen especially considering their stage of physical development.

Jayriah Fields was a star at offensive guard and was a one-man wrecking crew on down field long or short pulls. Both Matt Choate and Zamarrion Broussard were steady, and sometimes spectacular, split out wide this year and gave both Williams and Caden Scott (QB) plenty to target down the field this season.

We have written about Scott previously. We won’t belabor the point in this article.

Timmy Williams may be the best middle school football player in Kentucky

Friday Night Fletch

Defensively, the team was unyielding in its 12-games. Brice Husemann was a dog at LB and he, like his cohorts, will be a ninth-grader in ’24 who figures to push for Friday night PT (playing time).

We caught up with the high school head coach Chris Ezell about the Mid-Sky Conference Champion middle school football team. He was effusive in his praise of the ball club.

“What can anyone say about a team which polishes off an 11-1 worksheet, wins a championship, and represents our school and program with class, discipline, and a whole lot of pride,” Coach Ezell told KPGFootball. “Am I excited to get these guys in our high school program? You’re darn right!”

As for how this championship stacks up with a KYMSFA crown, it is comparable. I used to coach at the MS level. I was a part of a staff which won a KYMSFA Regional Title. We took a team to the Semi-State and finished 12-1 (2016).

In those days, we knew the best middle school team in Kentucky was likely Owensboro “Junior” High. The Red Devils weren’t in the KYMSFA, and didn’t compete in its championship; but, it was common knowledge Coach Greg Brown’s team would have handled virtually any team competing for the KYMSFA title in any of its three divisions.

Let’s put it this way; in 2016, Owensboro Junior High went to Nashville, Tennessee and ran the clock on Brentwood Academy. Do you need any more proof than that?

Am I excited to get these guys in our high school program? You’re darn right!

Chris Ezell, Head Football Coach Trigg County High

Being in the KYMSFA doesn’t make any team the best team in the commonwealth. Attending a middle school which chooses not to participate in the KYMSFA doesn’t eliminate any player from being considered and evaluated among that level’s best players.

At the end of the day, Trigg had a special year. At the end of the day,
Trigg won a prestigious title. At the end of the day, the high school program is slobbering to get its hands on these players just as profusely as any other program across this great commonwealth of ours.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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