A tale of two Baisdens for @BelfryFootball1.

July 2, 2020 Henry Lyon 0

Everybody has to start somewhere. Josh Baisden isn’t as large as his brother, Jacob, and he hasn’t been as productive for the Belfry…yet! Jacob Baisden is moving on to college and many believe Josh is headed for the Belfry D-Line rotation in spite of his only seeing action in 3-games in 2019. Enjoy the article. HB.

Let’s check in with @rudy_blackwell from @BelfryFootball1…

June 6, 2020 Henry Lyon 0

We thought we would check in on a kid which Belfry (lucky them) seems to grow on trees over there. Rudy Blackwell, Jr. made our Freshman All-State Football team in 2019 and considering how he played and the numbers he put up it really wasn’t a close call. Heading into his sophomore year, if he continues to develop physically, grow a little thicker to go with his growing taller, there is really no limit to how good he can be. Could he be another Grayson Cook? Hard to say, but one has to note the physical similarities. Enjoy the article. HB.

Multi-Sport Athletes…

March 16, 2020 Henry Lyon 0

Coaches prize athletes who demonstrate the ability to compete and thrive in more than just one sport. This is a phenomenon we have before covered ad nauseam. Enjoy this article about some of the best multi-sport athletes the commonwealth has. HB.

Air Force comes 1,800 miles to see some Mountain 2021s…We have the details here!

January 30, 2020 Henry Lyon 0

Rivals Dave tweeted out that he treats information sent him about Appalachia Mountain, Kentucky football players as “spam.” Well, we disagree with Rivals. We think there are fine football players all over the mountains. The USAF Academy agrees with us and was in the mountains last night to scout some 2021s and check in with its 2020 signee, Grayson Cook. Who did the Falcons evaluate? We have the “who’s” and the “why’s” in this article.

Big E Commits to University of Charleston (W.Va.) as we tearfully say good-bye to our first class of Sophomore All-Staters…

January 28, 2020 Henry Lyon 0

We have chosen to bid farewell to a class of football players on whom we “cut our teeth” so to speak. These guys were on our first KPGFootball Sophomore All-State team. These guys never let us down and we don’t see them disappointing us in college either. Good-bye class of 2020, we will miss you…we will forever love and remember you. Coach Lyon, individually and for the entire staff of KPGFootball.

Coach Lyon’s Class 3A preseason top-10 football poll…

July 26, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

Someone contacted old Coach Lyon and asked when we were going to put out our preseason top-10 football polls for each classification. Well, today seemed like as good a day as any to continue the tradition. Since KPGFootball started with the top classification when picking district winners, this time we started with Class 1A and yesterday we projected Class 2A. Today we give you our projections for the next classification up from the lowest one, here is Class 3A!

And so it begins…July 22…

July 22, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

Today, all over Kentucky, is the first day teams have been able to wear what the KHSAA calls “shells.” What gear constitutes “shells” is set out in Bylaw 23 and its subparts. “Shells” are defined as shorts, helmet, and shoulder pads. Judging from some social media postings we have viewed in advance of today, some of you were confused as to exactly when you could add shoulder pads to your practice equipment. We watched one middle school video of a member school practicing in “shells” last week. Anyway, the donning of shoulder pads means different things to different players so we sent out a query to some of Kentucky’s best high school players to see what, if anything, it signified to them. This article contains what we received back from some of the players asked.

Don’t Cry for Belfry…

July 19, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

How good will Belfry be in 2019? While they may have lost some players from off the roster who transferred to Mingo Central, we don’t think you should be crying for the Pirates…HB

Grayson Cook pushes his announcement date to July 18

July 14, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

Grayson Cook, quietly and while many of us had diverted our attentions, pushed his commitment announcement from the 12th of July to the 18th. Should this be of concern to the team located in Colorado Springs, Colorado? Check out this article as we check in with 2020’s top OLB/DE prospect and what, if anything, his pushing his announcement to the 18th means for the Air Force Academy, or any other school pressing for a commitment from this prospect.