@camdenp_00 (Camden Phillips, ’23) from @RVKFootball sets his sites on the ultimate prize. @RKVPanthers @WRUS_RHS @med_rhs @1776Bank @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @MaxPreps @KyHighFootball

May 24, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

Kentucky presents real opportunity for colleges wise enough to comb its fertile recruiting fields for football talent. There is no shortage of talent and, matter of fact, lucky college programs can come up with superior talent just lying around waiting to be claimed. Camden Phillips is a kid who, if he played in Nashville, TN, he might be headed to Auburn. As it is…well, here’s your Huckleberry as Doc Holiday would say. HB.

Looking for some HS superstars to bring aboard your college roster? What about @braxb9 (Braxton Baptiste) from @RVKPanthers? @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @1776Bank @KyHighFootball @MaxPreps

January 4, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

Russellville High had a ton of talent coming into the ’21 season. It was why we predicted preseason they would challenge for the title in the 1A classification and we couldn’t have been more correct. One guy who gets overlooked but shouldn’t is the subject of today’s feature. Enjoy the article. HB.

@jovarigamble04 from @RVKPanthers Football program is returning the program to its former glory. @minguabeefjerky @1776Bank @PrepSpin @RVKFootball @Coach__MikeB Featured Photo: Bac Totrong, bgdailynews.com

May 25, 2021 Henry Lyon 0

Jovari Gamble is a prime example of a kid whose recruitment suffers a little from not playing football in a larger town and in a bigger classification. Hey, we can’t help where our families locate and in what school districts we happen to live. Still, recruiters shouldn’t consider Russellville a 1A team as the Panthers have historically shown they can play with pretty much anyone, particularly out west. To us, this kid’s recruitment depends on what speed he either has or hasn’t in the eyes of the schools recruiting him. As far as “dominating” the level he’s on…he is certainly doing that! Enjoy the feature. HB.

Last week of the regular season. Here are our picks…@KyHighFootball @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin

November 6, 2020 Henry Lyon 0

We have picked four games for you which we have done some checking with the respective coaches and believe are being played tonight. We are 55-12 on the year and wanted to pick 5-games to attempt to get our win-record to a cool 60 but, in this day and time, you take what you can get. Let’s see if we can run the table this last week of the regular season which has been anything but regular. HB.

For 2020, Will Lennon Ries (Class of 2022, @lennon12 on Twitter) have his Russellville Panthers on the “come-up?”

December 4, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

Never too soon for us to take a look at next year as the State Championships are to be played this coming weekend. There is one team we expect to make a rather strident leap forward in 2020 and it is the Russellville Panthers. They are used to owning the 1A classification on the western end of Kentucky outside of Louisville and it appears there are brighter days ahead for the traditionally rich program. Enjoy this look at the Russellville Panthers but only if you are a subscriber or buy the article.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winners (08.31.2018)

August 29, 2018 Fletcher Long 0

Well, last week KPGFootball picked 17 football games and went 15-2. Not too shabby even if it is we saying so. We had enough fun doing that we decided we would go another round and, this time, we are picking 20 games. For some of these matchups we might make […]