Press Release: For Immediate Release…The 2018 Middle School All-State Football Team…

On behalf of the selection committee convened by KPGFootball for the purpose of recognizing the best middle school football players in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, KPGFootball is pleased to publish the following Kentucky, Middle School, All-State, Football Team. The players whom have been featured here are, for all but two, 8th graders and members of Kentucky’s Class of 2023. There were two 7th graders selected for two reasons…1. Both players have played 8th grade football since they were 6th graders, and 2. both players played, this year, a position which isn’t the Class of 2023’s strongest.

Many of these All-Staters have competed for numerous Team Kentuckys, many of them have been selected to All-American Teams, and most all of them are out regularly competing and winning on the camp/combine circuit. There are other players deserving of this recognition whom have escaped our notice (no doubt). Neither KPGFootball nor its selection committee are claiming these are the only All-State caliber players in Kentucky whom have just played middle school football. What both the selection committee and KPGFootball are saying is that each one of these players are deserving of this recognition.

We will list these players, their approximate heights and weights, and the cities or towns in which his respective middle school is located under the position group our committee believed the player, primarily, played. This practice is in accordance with what KPGFootball has before done for other All-State football teams we have previously compiled, published, and disseminated.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further fanfare, the Kentucky, Middle School, All-State Football Team…

The Offense;

The Running Backs;

Kaden Smith, 6-0, 200 pounds, Campbellsville;
Mason Lawson, 6-0, 160 pounds, Paintsville;
Korbyn Goff, 5-6, 155 pounds, Somerset.

The Quarterbacks;

Kayden Anderson, 6-2, 160 pounds, Louisville;
Cole Hodge (7th), 5-9, 145 pounds, Goshen;
Joshuah Keith (7th), 5-6, 145 pounds, Hopkinsville.

The Receivers/Tight End(s);

Jakob Dixon, 6-3, 160 pounds, Louisville;
Brody Wells, 6-2, 160 pounds, Barbourville;
Kenyata Carbon, 5-7, 115 pounds, Owensboro;
Daisjaun Mercer, 5-7, 145 pounds, Hopkinsville;
TE, Trey Miller, 6-1, 190 pounds, Owensboro.

The Offensive Line;

Guard, Peyton Sayers, 6-0, 280, Whitesburg;
Guard, Mason Sayers,6-0, 280, Whitesburg;
Center, Bracken Castle, 6-2, 265, Barbourville;
Center, Matt Alex Ladd, 5-11, 250, Cadiz;
Tackle, Keyton Jenkins, 5-10, 245, Russellville;
Tackle, Isaac Poe, 6-2, 260, Russellville;
Tackle, Brayden Spears, 6-2, 215, Belfry.

The Place Kicker/Punter;

Colin Fratus, 5-7, 140, Bowling Green.

The Athletes; These are the players who’s skill set lends itself to these players playing multiple positions and playing them exceedingly well…

Ryan Rupp, 5-9, 145 pounds, Crestwood;
Jacob Bealle, 5-11, 155 pounds, Hopkinsville;
Cade Sullivan, 5-10, 160 pounds, Somerset;
Josh Gross, 5-10, 170 pounds, Somerset;
Cory Turnmire, 5-7, 140 Phelps.

The Defense;

The First Level…Defensive Line;

Kaden Briggs, 6-0, 190 pounds, Louisville;
Josh Johnson, 6-0, 220 pounds, Louisville;
Jeremiah Goodwin, 6-1, 180 pounds, Owensboro;
Sahvon Hines, 6-1, 210 pounds, Owensboro;
Clay Corbin, 5-10, 220, Campbellsville.

The Second Level…Linebackers;

Oscar “JT” Adams, 5-7, 170 pounds, Hopkinsville;
Jerod Smith, 6-0, 200 pounds, Somerset;
Chase Price, 5-9, 185 pounds, Paintsville;
Carson Wright, 5-11, 175 pounds, Pikeville.

The Third Level’s “back-end” of a Defense…The Defensive Backfield;

Harris Phelps, 5-9, 160 pounds, Paintsville;
Elijah Gayhart, 5-8, 135 pounds, Hazard;
Ethan Pendleton (Strong-Safety), 6-3, 160 pounds, Owensboro;
Trushaun Matt, 5-1, 115 pounds, Hopkinsville;

Reporting for KPGFootball, this is Fletcher Long reminding all of the ballers out there that #WeGotUCovered and to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE.

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    1. Well Tiffany, I suppose we are not unlike any other business, we look and cover primarily the areas which support us. We have to have coaches who communicate with us and provide us information b/c we can’t possibly be expected to attend every middle school game in Kentucky. Go ask your head coach this? Have you ever heard of KPGFootball? Do you either follow it on Twitter, correspond with it on Facebook, subscribe to it, or in any way participate with it? We are the ONLY publication Kentucky has which gives one “red shilling” about middle school football. If you are a middle school football coach and have neither heard of or cooperated with us you are guilty of coaching malpractice. By the way Tiffany do you subscribe, follow, converse with, or, in any way, support the mission of KPGFootball, other than when you decide to learn about us so you can complain about something we have either done or, in your estimation, failed to do?

      1. I was only made aware of this yesterday. No need in being rude. I simply ask had u looked at Bell Co. I was not trying to cause any kind of conflict. Mr. long to my knowledge no one contacted MY SONS coach.

        1. I understand what you are saying but we published that we were going to do this team back in August. Your son’s coach should have contacted us, not the other way around. We are providing a service here no else is even willing to do, why is it incumbent on us to contact the coaches? We are out there, in the public, covering middle school football. We are a paid site which people pay their hard earned money to which to belong. Your son has played for Team Kentucky, we have been the Team Kentucky exclusive coverage provider for nearly two years. You are just now hearing of us? Really?

          1. Yes Sir. That is the honest truth. I was talking with one of the Whitley parents. And it was brought up. I didnt know how it worked. I will let my sons coach know for future reference he needs to get in contact with u. My apologies again I didnt know. Yes my son played for team ky but when I’m at a game I am zoned out on the game. So if its something coming across the speaker my apologies again I dont hear it.

  1. Well, your son is now on my radar, and we update our top 2023 and 2024 prospects this offseason. We will cover all the Team Kentucky play this summer on into his freshman year. We will keep an eye on him going forward.

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