Top Secret Team Kentucky Information…

Okay, Team Kentucky, as we reported prior to the beginning of camp, you have been infiltrated. We have a spy amongst you dishing the skinny to us on the down low. We have just talked with our plant and he has some very interesting stuff for us. Here is what he has told us, exclusively here at KPGFootball

The 3:00 p.m. EST update…

I want to caution that the first practice was in helmets and shoulder pads, which

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    1. Josh, I wish I did. We helped pay for a kid to get to play this year who wouldn’t have been able to play were it not for the magazine so we put him to work in this way. I will be at the game Saturday and will watch the 7th graders and report on it. I have written several features about some of the seventh grade players on the magazine which you should be able to see if you browse around the site some. If you have some information you want to share with me, please do by texting it to me at 931.561.7773 and I will be happy to report it. Thanks for supporting the site.

  1. Thanks for the inside scoop. My son is there (incoming 7th grader) so it’s been exciting following the article and seeing from a different perspective. Cannot wait to see how the team meshes together on Saturday!

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