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August 18, 2021 Henry Lyon 0

The Hoptown Tigers are LOADED! We had an agent at the Tigers scrimmage with Class 6A McCracken and they came away impressed. Their words reporting back to the office at the first of the week were, “These guys look all the way back to me…like mid-90s back!” That is saying quite a bit. It also means we likely had a serious omission from our preseason Top-5 in the 4A classification. However far the Tigers go this coming season, they will lean heavily on Daisjaun Mercer, this week’s award recipient for the reasons we have detailed herein. Friday night we have season openers so this is our last offseason award. It is all over but the crying now. Join us next week as we give this award to another worthy recipient. HB.

Scrimmage News from around Kentucky (Featured photo: Brendon Miller-BSN)

August 11, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

Sorry guys, this type information is why people subscribe to the site. What is in this article isn’t given away for free. The contents of this article is for our insiders, the people who want to really know what is going on in the world of Kentucky HS football. Subscribe today or just don’t know what we know, it’s your choice.

A thing of beauty…

June 18, 2018 Fletcher Long 1

According to an online publication entitled Idiom of the Week, it is unknown exactly from where or how the idiom Beauty is in the eye of the beholder originated. It has been used in different forms since the 3rd century BC when it first appeared in Greek. We have some idea when […]

Top Secret Team Kentucky Information…

June 13, 2018 Fletcher Long 4

Okay, Team Kentucky, as we reported prior to the beginning of camp, you have been infiltrated. We have a spy amongst you dishing the skinny to us on the down low. We have just talked with our plant and he has some very interesting stuff for us. Here is what […]

Ezell to head freshman football at HHS

May 10, 2018 Fletcher Long 0

It would appear to me there are abundant indications the HHS football program is getting serious about its football all through its various levels. The Tigers are preseason selections at the top of class 4A by numerous prognosticators and have brought in a new freshman staff which will insure the […]

Kobe Burke, Class of 2022, London Kentucky

May 9, 2018 Fletcher Long 0

North Laurel Middle School is home to some 1,100 students in grades 6, 7, and 8. The Jaguars are located in Laurel County, Kentucky. I am not sure, but am willing to bet, that out of the 1,100 students who attend North Laurel, there aren’t too many as large as […]

Oscar “JT” Adams, IV, Class of 2023…

May 9, 2018 Fletcher Long 0

Talk about a huge pick-up for a middle school program. I am not saying the only reason JT Adams’ father, John, got the job at Christian County High School as the new Offensive Coordinator is solely because he has fathered a class of 2023 dynamo whom the varsity program would […]

News and Notes from the Gridiron…

May 8, 2018 Fletcher Long 0

We have begun featuring, here on KPGFootball, a weekly variety of shorter stories in one combined article about football news from around the coverage area. These articles feature snippets of information for the football enthusiasts which we consider, without a doubt, of interest to the Kentucky high school and middle school […]