Springfield High School’s David Madrid, 2019 PK, is the Stewart Williams Company’s Robertson County POW

David Madrid

Stewart Williams Company has everything to make your house a home. Visit the showroom located on 801 Memorial Blvd. in Springfield, Tennessee. 

Stewart Williams Furniture Company believes in the home and furnishing it with the quality brands of furniture and appliances which make your house a home. Stewart Williams Furniture Company also believes in supporting the dreams and aspirations of the young athletes in the Robertson County community whose families have supported them all these years. 

That is why, when the opportunity presented to partner with KPGFootball on promoting area, young football players in the hopes their athletic achievements would net, for their families and them, a college education and a better life, Stewart Williams said, count on us. Stewart Williams Furniture Company boasts the best prices on the most recognized and established brands of both furniture and appliances delivered right to you. 

Call them today at 615.384.7584, stop by the show room, or hit the underlined link, and shop the selection right on line. Stewart Williams has everything to make your house a home. Speaking of someone making a home…

Have you ever heard the expression, Going to the well once too often? Well, it generally connotes one’s drawing something negative from the well on one’s last visit. You will have to forgive Dustin Wilson’s not ascribing to that particular adage.

Coach Dustin Wilson hasn’t had a negative experience visiting the same well and drawing from similar water. His experience, when it comes to converting soccer players from Honduran families to come kick a football for him, is more in tune with the adage, You really can never get too much of a good thing.

Springfield High School head man, Dustin Wilson struck gold with a soccer player at SHS named Thomas Harris when he convinced him to come place-kick for him previously. Harris, a Honduran extracted soccer star, turned football place-kicking phenom, exhausted his eligibility in 2017 after helping his football team gain a birth in Tennessee’s Class 4A, State Championship Game.

Coach Wilson then turned over the place-kicking duties to another Honduran extracted, soccer star in Class of 2019, David Madrid. Now Harris is 5-10 and weighs approximately 150 pounds, whereas Madrid is 5-8 and weighs one-buck, forty. But like Harris, Madrid was dead aim when it came to the place-kicking duties.

Madrid, in 2018, converted 53 of 59 attempted PATs and went 5 of 7 on three-pointers. Overall, Madrid converted 87.87% of the attempts Springfield requested of him in helping lead Springfield’s 2018 version to an 11-3 finish and a Semi-finals’ birth. Here’s the kicker (pun intended), Madrid and Harris are first-cousins.

So, around the Springfield High School football program, and around Stewart Williams Furniture Company, we don’t really believe in going to the well once too often. When you’re pulling pure gold from out of the bottom of that well, You can really never get enough of a good thing seems the much more appropriate sentiment.

Congratulations to David Madrid from Springfield High School for being selected this week’s Stewart Williams Furniture Company’s Robertson County Player of the Week. Join us next week as we anoint a new recipient.

Reporting for KPGFootball, this is Fletcher Long reminding all of you ballers out there to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE.

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