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Elijah White is versatile. He was utilized over his sophomore season as a running-back, a wide-receiver, and in the defensive backfield.

Elijah White is pretty well put-together. He is 6-0 and weighs in the neighborhood of 180-pounds.

Elijah White is smart. Not everyone can play high school football while still carrying a 3.7 GPA.

What Elijah White is not is well known. We thought around the magazine we might see what we can do about that today.

Now, right off the bat, before we go over his sophomore year’s production statistically, we should inform the reader the kid was playing Class 5A football. It is not easy to get on the field as a sophomore at that level of play, much less amaze people with your production.

His production was very good, especially for a sophomore. We wouldn’t call it amazing.

That aside, the sophomore garnered 35-carries for 110-yards with 2TDs, caught 9-passes for 96-yards and was 5th on the entire team in scoring. Defensively, he had 18-tackles, forced a fumble, and recorded 2 TFLs. The 2 TFLs, with his limited opportunities, was actually quite impressive.

Now the highlight we have linked for you in this sentence is one play, in one game. We have linked his season highlights beneath his picture.

You will see White, here, takes a direct snap from center and sprints around the right-end, covering 30-yards and scoring a touchdown. He runs through a would-be tackler near the goal line.

What is significant is its occurring against an opponent the likes of St. Francis DeSales (Louisville). The Colts are one of the better programs in all of 3A-football and one veritably brimming with college talent, up and down its lineup.

White’s ability to break down the DeSales defense with his feet, like you see in that one highlight, is just a glimpse into what we believe him capable of doing given more opportunities. Not every sophomore in Kentucky can make the Colts defense look like it did on that play.

It is why we believe him to be poised to really break-out onto the scene here in ’21. That play, and plays like it, are what caused this article to get written.

We are confident this kid will have a big year. We expect him to start getting next-level looks and inclusions on lists of elite players in Kentucky’s ’23 graduating class very soon.

We can’t wait to see what he does next season. We’re sure many of you feel the same way.

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