The Product is Glorious!

What happens when two of Kentucky’s very best football players in the graduating class of 2024 lock horns in Elkton, Kentucky?

Jordan Miles, Trigg (L), and Joshuah Keith, Todd (R), are closer
in ability than this picture depicts them

Do any of you know the result of the following equation? What happens when two Kentucky Future Stars, and two of Kentucky’s very best football players in the Class of 2024 lock horns against each other in Elkton, Kentucky? Fireworks happen. Artistry happens. Exceedingly well played football at that level happens.

For those in attendance just two night ago in Elkton, Kentucky, the match-up between two of Kentucky’s very best 8th grade football players, Jordan Miles (QB/Athlete, Trigg County MS) and Joshuah Keith (QB/S, Todd County Central MS), in a day and time where things rarely live up to our expectations, each put on a show well exceeding anyone’s expectation. The final score was Todd County Central (Keith) 50-Trigg County (Miles) 36.

Both players, playing both ways for their respective teams, were veritable blurs, running, throwing, and athleting (made-up term, copyright pending) North, South, East, and West around the 100 X 53 and 1/3rd-yard tapestry which would hold the product of their combined artistry. Both players proving themselves quite the masters, if you will. Consider this…

A middle school game contains 4, 8-minute quarters. That would be 32 minutes of game play Tuesday night (September 10, 2019) between the two teams quarter-backed by two of Kentucky’s very finest. In 32-minutes of play, these two virtuosos put 86-points on the scoreboard. That is approximately 2.69-points-per-minute. Fun game to watch? As Sarah Palin would say…You Betcha!

What we saw September the 10th was special. What we saw was a preview of the direction and future of the high school game which has two budding superstars poised to take over that level of play and soon. What we saw was something you might not see again if you attended 1,000 middle school football games. What we learned was something similar.

We learned there is some astounding talent in Kentucky waiting its turn in the wings to come out and thrill us on Friday nights before going on to play on Saturdays, which we expect both these kids to do. What we also learned is what the product of the equation of Joshuah Keith + Jordan Miles on a football field is…and it equals GLORIOUS!

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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