Louisville’s Kiyaunta Goodwin ready to bang with the big boys!

When Phillip Fulmer, now the AD at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, but once a National Championship winning football coach at the same school, met Kiyaunta Goodwin he exclaimed it was like being in the movie “The Blind Side” a second time. That movie featured the coming of age of Michael Oher who went on to become one of the NFL’s marquee tackles. Of course Michael Oher was only 6-4, 315-pounds. Kiyaunta Goodwin is 6-8, 350. Regardless, Kiyaunta has been favorably compared to such greats for years now and has the opportunity, this season, to come of age and really showcase what he can do. You see, the player formerly playing 1A football for Holy Cross has now transferred to Louisville’s Ballard High School (6A). Enjoy the article.

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