@HBaker63, Class of ’24, from @RedhoundsFB is ‘getting there.’ @J50_ProTraining @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @MaxPreps @KyHighFootball

January 10, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

Not everyone hits the lineup when the “experts” believe they should. In some programs it is much harder to hit the field than in others. That shouldn’t diminish the ability and skill exhibited by young interior bigs like Hayden Baker from Corbin however. Especially when he is so willing to put in the offseason work. Enjoy the feature. HB.

@RedhoundsFB, Brayden Reynolds, is the @minguabeefjerky Protein-packed Performer of the Week. @KyHighFootball @1776Bank @PrepSpin

February 24, 2021 Henry Lyon 0

Mingua Beef Jerky tagged us a video of Brayden Reynolds bench pressing 420-pounds. Man, is that powerful for a kid who weighs 226, or for any kid. We were so impressed we decided to “research” him and discover what kind of football player he is. We learned he is really something. Enjoy this look at this week’s “Protein-packed Performer” and enjoy the highlights and the video of his incredible bench and see why he was a No-doubter for this award. Join us next week as we award this to another outstanding recipient. HB.

Will @CorbinFootball go “West” in 2020?

May 16, 2020 Henry Lyon 0

Franklin West is one of the very outstanding players at both positions he plays, OT/DT. He will get early PT for the Redhounds this coming Fall entering the starting lineup in the first half of the year if he doesn’t start there. He’ll have Logan Smith to guide him. Enjoy the article. HB.

Class of 2019’s Christian Gosselin, Corbin Redhounds

June 13, 2018 Fletcher Long 0

There are some guys who can just do it all. When they are on your roster, you have more than an offensive player, a defensive player, a special teams’ player, you just have a player. They are often referred to as stat sheet stuffers and that couldn’t describe Corbin’s Christian Gosselin […]

2019 DT, Matthew Masternak, Corbin Redhounds

June 8, 2018 Fletcher Long 0

Matthew Masternak is Masternasty. Okay, that is not the most clever pun ever but you get the point. I will tell you who else got the point…Corbin‘s 15 opponents last year. Mr. Masternak, or should we say Mr. Masternasty, anchored a defense which allowed 85 or so rushing yards per game over 15 […]