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Zander Curry is Corbin's most versatile and (maybe) accomplished returning player for '23

Versatile rising senior has many tools in his tool-chest, football-wise

Zander Curry may be among the more versatile and athletic football players in Kentucky’s ’24 graduating class. He’s a three-sport, varsity, first-stringer at Corbin High School, one of Kentucky’s premier athletic departments and football programs. We love everything about Curry at KPGFootball and believe he might well be our very first choice were we fielding a team to play on Friday nights this coming ’23 season.

Fletcher W. Long, Chief of the Scouting Division, KPGFootball

There are players around Kentucky about whom everyone raves. Most of these guys are prominently listed among the various “college prospect” rankings.

However, and this is where the experts reveals themselves, there is a difference between a high school football star and a college football prospect. Many “prospects” are also high school football stars, but not all.

Colleges, in offering this player, over some other, are wagering on what a framed out target/prospect may (one day) become. KPGFootball focuses more on what a player presently is.

A high school super star produces at an exceedingly high level on the field under the lights. A college prospect may also do this; but, even should he not, if he has the right measurables he will be recruited anyway.

Corbin High’s Zander Curry is a superstar football player at the high school level. Is he a college prospect too? We think so, and wouldn’t hesitate to offer him at a variety of competitive levels.

Curry is a three-sport, varsity athlete. He is 5’11,” and weighs 180-pounds and played WR-RB-LS (long snapper)-FS for Corbin in ’22.

Curry caught a pair of TD’s, scored 4-TD’s rushing, and housed a kickoff. How’s that for versatility? We aren’t quite done.

Curry caught a pair of TD’s, scored 4-TD’s rushing, and housed a kickoff

KHSAA statistical website

Defensively, Curry registered 69-tackles, recovered a fumble, and picked off 7-passes from his 3rd-level post to rank among the leaders in all of 4A, across Kentucky, in that statistical category.

Did we mention he can long snap? Did we mention he clips off 40-yards in 4.52-seconds?

If you learn of something he can’t do
on a football field, lets us know!

Frankly, it is hard for us to believe there is anything on a football field he can’t do. Curry reminds us of the old-time Heisman winners who did it all; guys like Jay Berwanger (University of Chicago, RB), Davey O’Brien (TCU, QB), or Frank Sinkwich (University of Georgia, RB).

Sure, these guys had primary positions; but they punted, they place-kicked or held, many of them played both ways. Frankly, the true measure of their value for their respective teams couldn’t be fully encapsulated by just their production from their primary posts.

This is true of Curry too. Curry’s a WR, but he’s also a RB. Curry’s a long-snapper, but also a safety.

Curry scores TD’s, but also contributes to the special teams, intercepts passes, and tackles ball carriers while recovering fumbles. What more can any one team expect, or even want?

Zander Curry is the Frank Sinkwich of the Corbin Football team

HB Lyon, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

For our money, Zander Curry is the Frank Sinkwich of the Corbin football team. He returns in ’23. Many of the pieces return from a year ago.

Curry may be an early “Mr. Football” candidate. Why not him? Is there anyone any more valuable?

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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