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Here's your Storm Warning, our weekly scouting report on The Storm's Friday night opponent

’24 should be filled with exciting play if the personnel issues from graduation get answered

Fans are going to want to have us provide an exact number of wins and losses in this prediction and that will be something which may disappoint the readers. Attempting to prognosticate wins and losses before any of these teams have actually played is fool hardy. We will give you a range and some discussion of what we believe to be facing.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Morton’s Gap, KY: The season is fast approaching and some around Morton’s Gap are getting slightly anxious about the Storm’s prospects. Our little general is back at QB (Isaac Earl) and he has a pair of all-state caliber, tandem of targets in Isaac Manning and Silas Gunn, both of whose stock just perpetually rises.

Cooper Mobley

The lines of scrimmage have some holes to plug but the Storm has the roster talent to get those shoes adequately filled. How much have the young guys progressed? Are they ready for completion in one of the tougher districts in Kentucky 3A? Those are questions we may see answered as quickly as the first scrimmage with Murray High.

The Murray scrimmage will tell us plenty. Murray has as much talent as any team on the schedule. Coach Cunningham is entering his second season and coming off a playoff run and seven win campaign with many pieces returning.

The season opens for real on the road against Caldwell. Caldwell is still in a rebuild, but the Mobley kid (Cooper, LB) is quite a piece of machinery around which to build. He made our small school all-state football team in ’23. Look for Caldwell to be much better in ’24. Doesn’t mean they will escape the visit from the Storm unscathed.

The Storm will then entertain a Fort Campbell team which surprised some folks in ’23. The Falcons won six games and made the playoffs. The Storm beat them on the Fort in a nail biter a season ago. This is a game the Storm will have to find a way to win.

Markezz Hightower kid (RB,LB), like his brother before him, may be the best RB in his classification

Friday Night Fletch

Next is the annual tilt with the Maroons from North Hopkins. That Markezz Hightower kid (RB,LB), like his brother before him, may be the best RB in his classification (Kentucky 5A) and Coach Price has these guys really playing hard. When two rivals of this nature take the field, one can throw out the records and expect the unexpected. Would love to see a Storm victory here but the team will have its work cut out for them.


Crittenden County will visit Morton’s Gap the next week before the beginning of district play. The Rockets have a smaller enrollment than the Storm but don’t let that fool you. These guys are plenty tough. Still, as tough as they are this is a must win a game we let get away from us in ’23 (lost 26-21 on September 8, 2023 at their place).

The next three are. “Murderer’s Row.” We have to travel to Union County, get Webster at home, before traveling to McLean. Union County is the class of the district. Union County is close to the class of the classification. The Braves will be highly ranked all year long. An upset here would make the season and insure a great record.

Webster County doesn’t figure to be as good as they were a year ago though they still have their superstar RB (Jackson Edens) who is coming off a thousand yard season. Webster was as good last season as they have been in about a decade and kind of put it on the Storm last year at their place. Can you spell R-E-V-E-N-G-E!

We had McLean beat last year at our place and let them off the hook. McLean is a well coached, well disciplined, and very good football team. Be rest assured the Cougars will be waiting on our arrival and poised to pounce. Still, we showed, last season, we could beat them. This will be late in the year and our young guys won’t be so young anymore. Maybe, just maybe…

Gude on the loose

We close with Trigg County and Fulton City. I will get this right out of the way, Fulton City is one of the worst programs in Kentucky at any level and we will absolutely kill them. Look for us to sniff 100-points in that game, if we either want or desire it. Trigg will be another matter. Trigg still has Devaree Gude and he was De-very Great a year ago, rushing for over a thousand yards. Gude clips off forty’s in 4.6 seconds-flat.

Trigg will start freshman, Timmy Williams, at QB this season. That is the bad news for Trigg fans (that he is only an inexperienced freshman). Timmy Williams is among the highest regarded members of the ’28 graduating class. That is the good news for Wildcat fans.

Hard to tell preseason how any entering freshman will play. Zane Johnson, ’27s top freshman QB, started at QB for Louiville’s Trinity High (6A) and did quite well in his inaugural season. That is if you would call leading the Shamrocks to a 12-3 mark and the program’s 28th Kentucky football championship while throwing for 2,289-yards with 30-TDs doing well. By the way, that hits this magazine’s definition.

By October 18, when we get Trigg County, we should know exactly what we will have to defend in the talented, young freshman. Trigg hopes he follows in Mr. Johnson’s rather large footsteps. We wish him well, in Morton’s Gap, but not quite that well.

KPGFootball’s call: 5-7 wins depending on how the ball bounces

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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