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Caleb Brown will be the first to admit he would have preferred more than three games burn in varsity action a year ago. Then again, Woodford County is a Class 5A program, only played 8-games in the pandemic shortened season, and he did get varsity playing time over the course of the sophomore season, making him “right on track.”

We can tell you this…Brown is the type of prospect (c/o ’23) we pride ourselves in finding and reporting on before any of our competitors. Of course, we have to credit the WoFo (Woodford County) coaching staff for reaching out on this particular player.

Brown is a 6-2, 240-pound “twitchy” prospect who figures to play TE/DE over the remainder of his high school tenure and onto the next level. He has great hands and could well be an offensive weapon should that be the side of the ball which wins his services. He has great explosion, so don’t rule out edge defender.

Caleb Brown

We believe Brown is primed to be a big time player this coming season. If you will recall, this program was a “surprise pick” in our preseason Class 5A top-five. There were reasons for this.

To refresh your recollection, WoFo has a big-timer in the backfield returning in Preston Stacy. WoFo returns 25 of the team’s 28-rushing TDs from a year ago. WoFo has one of the better young place-kickers in the commonwealth.

WoFo has a star on its second level in Jackson Gellear; a hog upfront defensively in Grant Garrison; and two third level prime-timers on the defensive back-end in Jacob Jackson and Kenyun Maxberry. WoFo also boasts some of the better young talent in the 5A classification in Brown and combo QB/Safety, Andrew Nason.

Throw in the return of its QB, and WoFo just looks primed to explode onto the contention stage. We alluded to the young talent in our preseason article when we told you, “Woodford County has some fine young talent.” They also have one of the better coaching staffs in the classification. WoFo got better every game a year ago.” Emphasis supplied.

If we are looking for a bottom line…here it is! Caleb Brown is going to be a superstar for this Woodford County football team. We believe this metamorphosis is ongoing, right now, as we speak. We believe you will see the fruit from it begin to bare as early as night one this coming Fall.

Don’t ask us why we so strongly feel this way. Just try to remember we are rarely wrong about these type things.

This is HB Lyon reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you that WE’RE JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT! 

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