Ethan Phillips, Highland Middle, Class of 2024, a stalwart for his class along the line of scrimmage

When you go and start filling out your top Kentucky prospects list we know both Joshuah Keith and Cole Hodge will be on it. QBs are usually easy to find on a top-prospect list, they will be toward the top.

We know (or expect) an Andrew Nason to be on it. Lengthy athletic safeties are a luxury just like top-flight QBs.

Who are going to be the hawgs you include on the list? We tend to forget the position until it is time for someone to clear the way for the Zharon Washburns, the Calil McNarys, or the Don’Tre Richardsons. We believe it would be tremendous error to forget a kid referenced around Highlands Middle School as “Big E.”

Ethan Phillips is only thirteen (13) years old but already stands an even 6 feet, and weighs a well-put together 225 pounds. He plays both LT and NG and has been a part of the Team Kentucky Future Stars program in both 2018 and 2019.

With “Big E” helping lead the way, the Bluebirds (Highland Middle) won the 7th grade Norsemen Conference by defeating Lexington Catholic in Lexington for the title. This season upcoming it has been decided “Big E” will by-pass 8th grade football and play up with the Fort Thomas Highland Freshman team.

When asked about Ethan Phillips the first characteristic generally noticed is his dedication. This is not a normal 13 year old, what with his getting up to work out and condition at 7 AM most mornings and his Friday Yoga classes with the varsity team followed by his hitting the gym with his dad to gain strength.

The strengthening is going well too. This 13-year-old phenom is already deadlifting 300 pounds while squatting 230.

As for mobility, Phillips has been laser timed in the 40-yard dash at 6.1 seconds and that time will continue to improve as he matures. However, for a 13-year old lineman? Well, that is moving right along especially for the positions he plays and for his present stage of physical development.

Phillips is a kid with quick, agile feet; a characteristic much in demand among both offensive and defensive linemen. This may be attributed to his love for basketball.

Phillips has played both for the 6th grade middle school team in addition to 2 AAU teams where he was deployed at the post position. A lot of similarities exist between pushing front line, defensive players, in football into the second level of a defense and moving low-post, back line basketball players either out of the lane or off the blocks.

Phillips is a leader. That is a characteristic greatly prized among football coaches, particularly in the college and pro ranks. Ethan was on the School Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council for the 2018-19 school year where he assisted in the improving and developing of district plans.

Ethan is a guy from whom we expect to hear a lot in the coming years both on and off the football field. He has the frame. He has the willingness to work to acquire the strength, power, and explosion necessary to thrive. Plus, he can move around well, especially for the position groups at which he is commonly deployed.

Ethan Phillips is a stalwart along the Team Kentucky Future Stars line of scrimmage. He will be a stalwart for the Fort Thomas Highlands’ varsity lines of scrimmage in a matter of a few short years we are willing to wager.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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