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This is a boom-time for KPGFootball as the Kentucky Future Stars has just entered some new names into the #Brotherhood. We don’t mind telling you we had around 2,000 views on the article posted announcing the teams.

We really appreciate the special relationship we have with both Director Ricco Hughes and the rest and residue of the Kentucky Future Stars’ program. Ricco’s permitting us to break the teams’ official announcement each year and allowing us to come and cover the games yearly has been a boon to both our coverage and viewership.

Be rest assured KPGFootball will be in Clarksville, Tennessee when these teams kick-off. One of the main reasons we will cover the games is to continue to update our database concerning the top players in each class of prospects entering middle and high school.

One of the biggest battles KPGFootball has had to combat since coming online is the perception that a Team Kentucky 8th grade football player is just a middle schooler. That is patently false.

A Team Kentucky 8th grade team member, or rising 9th grader, is an incoming kid who will challenge for an immediate starting spot on his varsity team and will be on the opening, Friday night depth chart. Team Kentucky players are the best of the best, nothing ordinary about them.

Ask Lexington Christian Academy (Class 2A). LCA is a team in a rebuilding year (it figured going into 2018) which had to rely on 9 freshmen starters in the Fall of 2018. How’d they do? Well, LCA went 9-4 and finished the year on the opponent’s one yard line just shy of winning the Regional Championship Game and advancing to the semi-finals.

No team in the area is set to more richly benefit from an influx of Team Kentucky players than the new-look Warren Central Dragons. Warren Central has three players slated to suit up for Team Kentucky, all three of whom KPGFootball will get around to featuring. One of the upcoming WCHS Dragons is also the premier RB in the rising 9th grade anywhere in Bowling Green, Kentucky and his name is Deangelo Patterson. We would suggest you write this name somewhere you keep important information.

Patterson is a 5-9, 160-pound running back who has excellent vision and change of direction speed. His quick-twitch reflexes and ability to gain maximum speed in a matter of a few steps makes him a very difficult player for any defender to tackle. He’s like a ghost, as many who have played against him would describe. Patterson’s right there; then in a flash, he’s gone. Here are his highlights, check it out for yourself.

Deangelo is one of only 5 RBs selected, Kentucky-wide, to carry the football for Team Kentucky Future Stars (8th) team, lending to the position he is one of the top 5 RBs in Kentucky’s 2023 class. It is our understanding Patterson ran his 40-yard dash at the combine in the 4.8 range and this is a kid who hasn’t done a single weighted squat yet. Patterson, also a first rate basketball player, has the vertical explosion to indicate his break away speed won’t be any problem, even next year playing against varsity, Class 4A defenses.

It is the time of year to identify tomorrow’s stars. It is the time of year for some of you in the college recruiting game to get out your I-Pads and take down some names for future recruiting boards.

Kentucky has just released its best 2023 football players and they are all on one team. Chief among them, we believe, willl prove to be Deangelo Patterson, RB, from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

KPGFootball is certain Warren Central is excited about the other two Kentucky Future Stars plus the RB its getting. One might even say it has considerably brightened an ever-improving outlook for the Dragon program.

Running backs like Patterson will certainly put a little fire in the belly of any lineup or roster. How entirely appropriate for a team whose mascot is a Dragon.

This is F.W. Long (#Brotherhood) reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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