Bryce Yates…He’s got you covered

April 6, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

Two-time All-State selection Bryce Yates has for what you are looking in a Cornerback and a Quarterback both at this level and at the next.  He’s the son of a coach too…so check the box marked football IQ.  Bryce has been out on the State Level and has made both […]

Ethan Mills…Where’d He Go?

April 3, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

Knox County’s Ethan Mills is one of those “scatter-backs” you not only can’t really see, but you probably couldn’t catch him, even if you could see him.  Ethan is listed at 5’8,” though that may be generous, and he weighs in at 155 pounds.  The 40 yard dash reported time […]

Preston Spurlock…Leslie County’s Tough Man!

April 2, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

There are just kids who look the part.  I don’t know if it is the scowl on Preston Spurlock’s face, his Mohawk, or his penchant for contact but if you were to draw a Defensive Football Player you might even draw his picture.  Preston has played nothing but MLB, and […]

Justice Thompson Lays Down the Law

April 2, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

Justice Thompson, a 6’1″ 235 pound DE and member of the Class of 2021, may be just that; he may be the class of 2021, at least at his position.  If you want to hear something scary…he plays running back on offense. You hear the term Jumbo Athlete and let me assure you […]

Zach Yates…Some kids are just Football Players

April 2, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

Zach Yates is a big LB at 180 pounds, but there are bigger; He’s fast, but there’s probably faster.  Zach Yates is strong, but there are probably stronger.  What there may not be is a football player in the 2021 class who is any more of a baller.  Zach played […]

Reece Jesse…”That’s mine…”

April 2, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

If anyone in the Commonwealth of Kentucky this year intercepted more balls than HMS’ Reece Jesse (9 picks, 3 returned for TD’s) then I would like to know whom.  Reece Jesse also led HMS in receptions for TD with 8.  Reece has good height (6’0″), large and soft hands (see […]

EJ Austin…like catching a greased pig!

April 2, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

Among the top QB’s in the Commonwealth of Kentucky last year, by far, the one with the least impressive stature was HMS’ All-State QB, EJ Austin.  Don’t confuse stature with stats, however. EJ stands a diminutive 5’7″ and weighs 145 pounds with a muscular, stocky build which serves him well […]

L’Ray Coleman is That Guy!

April 2, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

L’Ray Coleman from CCMS is a Slot/TE type who runs like a SE (4.89 hand timed 40 at the KYMSFA East-West Combine) and plays with the mind-set and disposition of a LB, not to mention the build.  To say this is a big, fast, athletic kid is somewhat of an […]

Seth Mounts…Some Articles Just Write Themselves

April 2, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

It’s not hard to write an article about Seth Mounts who played his Middle School career for one of the best Middle School Coaches in the Commonwealth, Daniel Mounts. I was talking to Daniel Mounts on the phone as there was a chance our teams would meet for the Championship. […]

Camden Williams…the Good Hands Man!

April 1, 2017 Fletcher Long 3

Here at Kentucky Prep Gridiron, we don’t even know what to say about Camden Williams, the 5’11” 165 WR from TK Stone’s Middle School, Division II, State Champion, Panthers Football Team.  So much for you can’t catch them all.  Apparently that is a cliche unfamiliar around the Williams household.  Coupled with Clay Games, […]