Clarksville Northeast’s Jordan Ellis, Class of 2021, is this week’s Meeks & Meeks, Montgomery County Player of the Week

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We here at Kentucky Prep Gridiron would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our subscribers and readers a wonderful Easter. As you are aware, we both have and continue to cover Clarksville, Tennessee talent as part of our area largely because we are principally based in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Hopkinsville and Clarksville comprise one metropolitan area in spite of one city being in Kentucky and the second laying just across the Tennessee state line. Well, we are proud to have partnered with the law firm of Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys to feature a weekly article promoting a Clarksville area prep football player. Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys is a full service law firm covering all areas within the realm of general practice from domestic to criminal defense, contracts to malpractice, Will & Estates to civil and criminal matters in General Sessions. If you have a problem, they have a solution. If you feel like you’re drowning, they are the life raft. Call them at 931.645.3888 or just drop by 137 Franklin Street in Clarksville, Tennessee 37040.

Jordan Ellis

This week’s Montgomery County Player of the Week is a, lightening fast, constant touchdown threat, who is an impressive athlete and two-sport star, especially in light of his being a freshman in high school. Jordan, who also excels at basketball, is 5-7 and weighs 156 pounds. He has a registered time in the 40 yard dash of 4.7 and in the pro-agility shuttle of 4.3. These times have some age on them, and Jordan is attending a Rivals speed camp in short order, so expect there to be fresher information regarding Jordan’s speed coming from that camp. Jordan has intermittently worked, off-season, at the Clarksville branch of the National Playmaker’s Academy. We were able to reach Vernon Wright last evening, who is both head football coach at rival, Northwest High School, and Clarksville Director of NPA. Vernon describes him as being young and athletic from a fine football pedigree.

Coach Tyrn Williams, on the coaching staff at Northeast, and principally assigned to both the JV and freshman teams is, himself, a former football star. Coach Williams played with Jordan’s dad, from 1992-1996, at the school. Here’s what Coach Williams had to say about Jordan Ellis. He is quick and fast. If he hits the sideline, Jordan is gone. Jordan scored alot for us on JV last year. When asked whether Jordan runs track at Northeast, Coach Williams said Jordan doesn’t run track, but he should. Jordan’s scoring runs, last year, occurred with Jordan always separating from the back-four tacklers trying to catch him.

Travis Stephens

Since we have mentioned Jordan’s football pedigree, he is the son of former Clarksville prep great, Terrance Spoon Ellis, who starred alongside Travis Stephens in the Wing T attack employed by maybe the greatest Northeast team of all time. Spoon played at Northeast from 1992-1996 and was on the team which narrowly lost in the playoffs to the State Champion, Brentwood Academy, 7-3, after having completed a perfect (10-0) regular season. At the time, it was widely believed the winner of that game was going to win it all, so I have always considered that particular team, State Runner-upSpoon’s teammate, Travis Stephens, went on to become one of the great running backs to ever play at Tennessee.

It is rumored, and KPG feels like it is sufficiently corroborated enough to announce and report, that Jordan Ellis is enrolling at Hopkinsville High School, when HHS gets off Spring Break. Once there, Jordan will join an already loaded Tiger roster which has been recently tabbed the preseason No. 1 ranked team in Kentucky’s 4A classification. How shall we say, the rich get richer!

We are very proud to award to Class of 2021, WR Jordan Ellis, presently enrolled at Northeast High School in Clarksville, Tennessee, this week’s distinction as the Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys, Montgomery County Player of the Week. KPG continues to look forward to our partnership with Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys as we both continue to publicize and promote all of the fine young football players in Clarksville, Tennessee. Congratulations to Jordan Ellis for being our Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys, Montgomery County Player of the Week!

This is Fletcher Long reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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