KPG’s way too early pre-season Class 4A Kentucky Top 5

It is almost spring practice time, which is approaching literally right around the corner, and I thought to myself wouldn’t it be fun to publish a Class 4A, pre-season, top 5 football poll with about 5 more who almost made it. I may end up doing this for all of Kentucky’s classifications. Well anyway, for what it is worth, here is our way too early prognosis:

Hopkinsville High School; No. 1

Well, this should piss off everybody in the Tiger

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  1. I agree with these rankings. Hop-Town will be tough to beat. Johnson Central will reload and be back to its usual self. Going to be a great football season in 4A as well as 3A. Do you plan on ranking your top 5 in 3A in the near future?

  2. My top 5 would be Boyle at #1. Their the champs and until their dethroned or comes out losing a couple then I think they should hold the top spot. After that I really believe it’s a toss up. I think Belfry comes in at #2 because we only really lost 2 prime players and we have our entire O-Line back. Central, Corbin, and E-Town would finish out my top 5. I think Belfry lost the least of the top 5. The other 4 teams lost alot. But, again, until someone beats Boyle their my #1.

    1. Thanks, but I am not sure CAL shouldn’t be in there. What about Caldwell County? The Tigers have everyone back from a Regional Championship appearance, including Joby Jagers and the Rileys, and Coach Starnes just always seems to re-load, and never really re-builds. If they were ever going to struggle, you would have thought it would have been last year and they won 10 games. Then there is the “Blue Tornado.” They were making a move around playoff time and were young too. There’s not a better tradition in Kentucky than Paducah Tilghman, you have to think they will be back sooner rather than later. Man, this is fun.

  3. I love talking high school football. And your right, all of those teams could make the case to be in the top 5. I completely forgot about Caldwell County. And Tighman. Man there’s some good teams out there. Should be a great year. Good Luck trying to figure out a top 5! Lol

    1. Class 3A may be, next to 6A, the hardest Classification in KY. It’s one reason Caldwell and Boyle are both jonesing to get moved up a Classification in 2019. They would rather go through Johnson Central, Hoptown, and FS than have to go through Belfry, Corbin, CAL, and E-Town. Can’t say I blame them. The second Boyle moves up, they are an immediate and perennial contender for the 4A title.

  4. CAL will still be 2A next year. CAL and DeSales won’t join 3A until the 2019 season when Corbin, Boyle, Cenral, and Lex. Cath move to 4A. 4A is going to be brutal after next year. Good luck! Lol

  5. Right you are about CAL. Don’t know why I thought they were already 3A. They narrowly lost last year to Mayfield, at Mayfield in the playoffs. What was I thinking? Good catch twolford2998725900. It’s teamwork that makes the dream work!

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