KPG’s way too early, preseason, Kentucky Class 3A top 5

Well, a subscriber and I had such a good time talking Kentucky High School football last night on this site that I have decided to do a preseason Top 5 for every Classification of Kentucky football. Today, I am going to break down one of the hardest Classifications in all of Kentucky. Everyone always thinks the quality of football grades upwardly as the Classification increases in most states, and while I can’t speak to other states; here, in the Commonwealth

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  1. If your doing 2A next then I’ll give you my thoughts. After the way Danville dominated last year they’d have to be #1 wouldn’t they? I’ll take them at 1, Mayfield at a close 2nd. This is where it gets tricky for me! I would say CAL at 3, DeSalles at 4, then at 5 I would say Lexington Christian. I know LCA took a beat down in the playoffs but hell, look who it was, none other that Danville. Glasgow had a pretty good run as well until they ran into Danville but I gave the #5 spot to LCA.

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