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It amazes us, at KPGFootball, how people profess bewilderment about Belfry’s year in and year out dominance exerted over its competition in high school football. Part of it is employing the most famous and successful high school coach in Kentucky history and the other is perpetually developing middle school football talent like Cayden Varney to replenish the cupboard. There is no rebuilding at Belfry High. There is only reloading.

Fletcher W. Long, Senior Scout and Editorial Board, KPGFootball

It seems like every single year, Belfry Middle School is challenging for the KYMSFA Championship. In ’21, the middle school program won a state title…again.

It seems like every single year, Belfry High School is challenging for the Class 3A crown in the KHSAA. In ’21, after beginning the year 0-5, the high school team won a state title…again.

These two things are entirely interconnected. There are high school coaches in Kentucky who don’t choose to believe this.

I was talking to a 4A high school coach once who insisted his greatest teams happened at times his middle school, freshman, and JV teams were all struggling. Of course, this guy (who will remain nameless) was also one of the most notorious cheaters/recruiters in Kentucky history and was known to field entire starting units with athletes not even from the town where this school was located, but I digress.

Anyway, but for the few (idiots) out there, we still believe most high school coaches see the benefit of having championship level middle school programs. We hope so; because the data is undeniable.

Each year, when the KYMSFA releases its playoff brackets compare the brackets with the KHSAA’s version. You will see the same schools littering each.

This is not an accident.

Well, Belfry High is coming off a title. Belfry High has graduated a consensus “Mr. Football (Isaac Dixon).” What is Belfry High to do?

Belfry will reload. That is what Belfry High always does.

Cayden Varney is the new bullet if you will. Cayden is 6’1,” weighs 160 or so pounds, and plays WR/DB. He is a 3X Team Kentucky/2X State Champion player from his “middle school days.”

He is a fantastic young football player who may challenge for early playing time like so many other outstanding players from the middle school program who have gone before him. Who remembers Isaiah Stanley?

Let us refresh your recollection. Stanley, a ’25 LBer, was the guy who tackled the kick returner from Paducah Tilghman in last year’s title game, separating him from the football, and recovering it to preserve the margin insuring another title.

Varney is in the mold of that guy. Belfry Middle has lots of guys like that headed for Coach Phillip Haywood’s ’22 roster.

What kind of athlete is Varney? Well, watch his highlights. He will be easy to spot as he is the player running in a completely different gear from the remainder of the athletes within the camera’s field or perspective.

Perhaps better yet, watch him two-hand, stuff a basketball as a 14-year old 8th-grader. Pretty explosive, huh?

Anyway, Varney is among the best at what he does in the graduating class with which he is matriculating to 9th-grade. He, and players like him, will insure Belfry High School remains the best among its competition at what it does best; win state-titles.

…and around and around we go!

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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