Montgomery Central’s Michael Lobdell (Class of 2020) is the Meeks & Meeks, Montgomery County Player of the Week…

We probably don’t recognize kickers and punters as much as the positions deserve. We have heard it said special team’s is a third of the game of football, but people like Robert R. Neyland attached even more significance to it than that. One thing is certain, nothing gets a team beat any faster than bad special teams’ play. Michael Lobdell is one of the best around and a real weapon for the Indians which is why he is this week’s Meeks & Meeks Montgomery County Player of the Week. Join us next week when we award this to another deserving player from your friends when you really need one, Meeks & Meeks.

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Brennan Judkins, Class of 2021, ERHS Indians, is the Stewart Williams Company’s Robertson County POW…

As Robertson County Players of the Week go, this is one of our largest recipients. Don’t let the size fool you as his deployment and production lend themselves to the proposition big Brennan Judkins moves just fine. Join us next week as we crown another Robertson County Player of the Week brought to you by your locally owned hometown Stewart Williams Furniture Company.

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Who’s the next back to gain 2,000 yards for Johnson Central? Our guess is @devinfootball44 (Devin Johnson, Class of 2020), the LB!

We forecast what Devin Johnson does in the backfield in 2019 to go along with his forecasted defensive output and make several other “cod-lock” 2019 predictions in this article today. There is one thing on which we may all agree and that is Devin Johnson is a football player. There are none better anywhere in Kentucky High School football as far as we can tell. Enjoy the article.

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