Will Issac Sowells Jr. (feature photo: Chad Smith) “Spike” the 6th Grade Team Kentucky Future Stars’ fortunes this summer? We sure think so…

Isaac Sowells, Jr. is another example of an acorn which didn’t fall far from its tree. Isaac Sowell, Sr., played 27 ball games for the Hoosiers at IU, was selected in the 4th round of the NFL draft and played in the League for several years. Little Sowells, who won’t be little for very long, will certainly spike various aspects of Team Kentucky Future Stars (6th) fortunes this coming Summer. Read about Isaac Sowells, Jr. from Louisville, KY.

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The 6th grade Team Kentucky Future Stars about to realize a “Spike (Isaac Sowells, Jr.)” in production…

Isaac Sowells, Jr. is an acorn whom didn’t fall far from the tree. Isaac Sowells, Sr. played at Indiana before being drafted in the 4th round of the 2006 draft and playing several years in “the league (NFL).” This is a kid who is not a normal 6th grade athlete and whom will continue to be athletically superlative for as long as he plays we project. Enjoy this article about a kid nicknamed, “Spike.”

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