Travis Haskins, Henry Clay’s (@HCHSDevilsFB) Class of 2022 “Hoss” is set to shoot up the player ratings this coming Fall!

We call Travis Haskins, Jr. “Hoss,” and he is!

Travis Haskins, Jr. is an example of an animal set to rocket up the 2022 “player’s list” who finds himself playing in Kentucky’s largest classification for a high school in the middle of a rebuild. What this means is his high school hasn’t had the success it is capable of having which, in turn, hurts Haskins’ ability to garner attention and notice for his play.

One of the more inequitable aspects of recruiting and post-season recognition is the players on the more successful teams are noticed before the players who find themselves on rosters struggling. However, a prospect’s performance and his team’s performance can be on opposite ends of the spectrum. That really isn’t very uncommon.

For instance, Ryan Stratton and Darion Dearinger are two of the very best linemen the Kentucky class of 2021 can boast. However, they were on a team in 2019 which finished 4-7. That doesn’t diminish the performance of those two linemen or their being among the very best at their respective positions.

Haskins is a player listed at 6-0 and weighing 280-pounds. He has a powerful leg-kick and plays incredibly low, making it difficult for the tall-framed out OL prospects to block him.

Haskins is a two-way player, OL-DL, and projects as an interior lineman on both sides, where ever a college may choose to deploy him. He is incredibly strong and powerful with quick-twitch and explosiveness which makes him into the opponent while the opponent is often still in his stance.

Haskins, who wears No. 67 and who desperately needs to up his social media presence and work on seasonal highlights, tallied 50-tackles this past season, good for third on the team. Haskins had 2.5 TFLs in addition to his having to pull double-duty along the offensive front. Not a lot of players have to play those amount of snaps at the Class 6A level.

Haskins is a dog in the weight room and that doggedness is readily apparent on the field. Travis, though just a sophomore in 2019, was already a main thrust of the opponent coaching staff’s scouting report for Devils’ opponents.

Henry Clay as a program has certainly seen better days. While they are rebuilding, there is young talent on hand around whom to rebuild. Travis Haskins, Jr., being one of his classes’ very best along the interior on either side of the football, promises to be an integral piece for the Devils as they move forward into the Fall of 2020.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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