The SWFC’s Robertson County POW (for the second time) is…Class of 2022, Taylor Groves

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Well, we hate to say we told you so. Who are we kidding? We told you so! KPGFootball and Stewart Williams Furniture Company had both the courage and foresight to pick Taylor Groves our Stewart Williams Furniture Company’s Player of The Week (POW) even before the beginning of his freshman season. On July 28, 2018, we told you the following…Why did a guy who averaged 20 yards a carry, 18.5 yards a reception, and had 178 total yards with a score, in only two games, not get more opportunities? Are you ready for this? How about…because he was in the eighth grade! Haven’t talked with Coach Chad Broadrick about Taylor Groves but I am willing to bet he is exuberant about what this kid brings to the table once he is actually enrolled in high school…Emphasis Added. That particular literary device, ladies and gentlemen, is called foreshadowing and we were foreshadowing the fact this former eighth grade phenom would have a fantastic freshman season. However, not even we could have forecast he would have the kind of freshman year he enjoyed.

First, Taylor, who was 6-1, 160, in eighth grade, grew to his present 6-3 and 176 pounds before stepping out onto the football field for ERHS in 2018. If he is Carlos Groves’ son, there is no telling how tall he may end up being. Carlos Groves, who played prep basketball at ERHS, played low-post for the Tennessee Volunteers in basketball at 6-6 inches tall. Taylor Groves carried the ball 48 times, as a freshman, gaining 280 yards (5.8 yards a carry) and scoreing 4 rushing TDs. Those statistics would be glorious for a freshman running back. Groves plays wide-receiver. What did he contribute at receiver? How about 42 receptions for 776 receiving yards (18.2 yards per reception) with 8 TD receptions? How good is that for a freshman? Taylor Groves scored 86 points for the 5-6 Indians, on the season, including pitching in 4, two-point conversions, all of which he ran into the end zone. The bottom line is we have awarded this 9th grader two POWs already and KPGFootball and Stewart Williams Furniture Company would both wager, were we the wagering type, this won’t be the last time Groves wins this award. I am sure ERHS’ opponents are just thrilled they get to see three more years of this weapon’s being deployed. Oh well…

Congratulations to Class of 2022 Taylor Groves from East Robertson High School for being selected this week’s Stewart Williams Furniture Company’s Robertson County Player of the Week. Reporting for KPGFootball, this is Fletcher Long reminding all of you ballers out there to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE.

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Taylor Groves Highlights!

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