Team Kentucky Future Stars-8th, Evan Miller, Class of 2023, from Breathitt County. He’s from the mountains…He is a mountain!

Don’t know how much ink we have spilt on this site regarding where in Kentucky one should go to find linemen. Colleges have become quite aware of the richest vein to mine in the commonwealth at that particular position. The Kentucky Director of Future Stars football, Ricco Hughes, appears equally aware.

As we explained in an article written April 25, 2018 about Ethan Wolford from Belfry, there’s gold in them thar hills. That is true at multiple grade levels, from Ethan Wolford to Peyton Blackburn to Andrew Clifton to Owen LeMaster to the subject of today’s feature, Evan Miller. There are quality big men all over the mountains of East-Kentucky.

Team Tennessee Future Stars has gotten a steady dose of them over the years at the Kentucky-Tennessee Future Stars Classic. We regret to inform the Volunteer State that it can expect much of the same when it reaches Clarksville, Tennessee from its Kentucky brethren.

Evan Miller, who is presently 6-2, 305 pounds, blew out his size 17 cleats at the Team Kentucky Future Stars Somerset Combine. If he’s growing out of size 17 cleats, he’s not done growing and figures to get quite a bit taller.

If you will look at the kid’s picture to the left of the above paragraph, you will see he has a “tall man’s frame.” By that, look how long both his arms and legs look relative to his trunk. He is high-waisted, with a short trunk, and long extremities. If you can’t decipher that, frame-wise, you don’t read this site regularly enough.

KPGFootball has learned Evan gets his size from his mother’s side of the family. His father, Brendon Miller, though only 5-10, did significantly contribute to the innate qualities which are producing such a star football prospect. After all, Brendon was an All-State punter/place-kicker at Breathitt County, an All-American Punter (1st Team) at Union College in 1991, and has gained enshrinement in the Union College Athletic Hall of Fame.

Evan is the type of kid who will play as soon as he hits the varsity roster. That is our prediction.

Breathitt County, a Class 3A, District 7 football team which lost its first three in 2018 before reeling off 8 straight W’s, finished the year getting blown out by Bell County at home in the second round. Head Coach, Kyle Moore could use an infusion of size, quickness, and agility like Evan Miller, believe us.

Even should Miller not start out in the front-five, he can still both place-kick and punt like his father. That should fully demonstrate the type of versatility, value, and athleticism we have in Miller.

Miller has the quickness to play along the interior and get out ahead of plays and block down the filed with the athleticism to cover-up second, and even third-level, defenders with the length and mobility to protect the QB from the upfield, edge rush. Miller played left tackle in 8th grade this past season, which should give the reader an idea about this kid’s ability. Teams put their best OL athlete at LT to protect the QB’s blind side.

At the next two levels (HS and college), we believe Miller would be excellently deployed at either guard or tackle, though we would play him at tackle. Tackles, with the frame to play there, are in critically short supply at the high school level.

Evan Miller will be visiting the University of Tennessee this coming weekend for its prospect camp and is also scheduled to camp at both UK and UL. Of course the camp we are all concerned with his getting to safely will open at Morehead for our Team Kentucky Future Stars-8th team. Miller will also be there, ready to perform. Who may not be ready for Miller is the unlucky guy from Tennessee who will have to align across from him on June 15th.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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