Kade Johnson, from Pikeville, is the @minguabeefjerky Protein-paced Performer of the Week- @Kadeqb9 @LippertScouting @PikevilleHSFB @PikevilleSpoirts @Coach_CotterLWC @1776Bank @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @kyhighs @HLpreps @MaxPreps @BryanAult @CentreFootball

August 2, 2023 Fletcher Long 0

Prospects are being identified earlier and earlier these days. Kade Johnson has already been identified as one of the nation’s finest dual-threat QB’s even though he is entering the 5th-grade. Enjoy this look at a prospect who may well be among the youngest this publication has ever distinguished. Don’t forget to take the time to #savortheflavor of the country’s finest all-beef jerky products. FL.

Special @thanksgiving Day Article; Because we are so Thankful for all of you: If the ‘Mighty Mayfield’ game with LCA should come down to a PAT or FG, we know a Lincoln that would Suit[er] just fine. @MHSCardinalsFB @mhscoachjoe @LCAathletics @LCAFootball2022 @kjacoMessenger @minguabeefjerky @1776Bank @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @kyhighs @HLPreps @MaxPrepsSpecial @kjacoMessenger

November 24, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

We are approaching round four (4) in the KHSAA playoffs. All of these teams left standing are very good. There are exactly no bad apples left in the barrel. It will be the “little things” which differentiate between winning and losing at this point. “Mighty Mayfield” has themselves the home field and a kicker in Lincoln Suiter who has before come through for the Cardinals in a “big game,” with the game on the line. If called upon, Friday night, will he come through once more? We shall see, but the Cardinals are confident. Enjoy the feature. HB.

Blake Birchfield, ’23 RB, From Pikeville High is the @minguabeefjerky ‘Protein-packed Performer’ of the Week. @LippertScouting @Coach_CotterLWC @1776Bank @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @kyhighs @HLpreps @MaxPreps @BryanAult

November 23, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

Has there been a better RB in the KHSAA over the past several years than Senior, Blake Birchfield. Not for our money! Birchfield has his Panthers knocking on the door of yet another title. We thought it would be a good idea to award him a box of protein goodness to fortify him for the journey. Enjoy this article and don’t forget to make the time to #savortheflavor of the country’s finest all-beef jerky products. HB.

@TaylorBen2004 (Ben Taylor) and Cole Conlon from @racelandramsfb finding plenty these days for which to be thankful! Featured Photo: Matt Jones/The Daily Independent @minguabeefjerky @KyHighFootball @1776Bank @MaxPreps

November 25, 2021 Henry Lyon 0

Raceland has had a terrific season. It is Thanksgiving Day and the season is still ongoing so football fans know that means the season has gone alone swimmingly. Much of the defensive success for the Rams is partly attributable to a pair of splendid 2nd-level defenders. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy this look at these two top-flight ’23s. HB.

Hail Pikeville: State Championship Special Edition!

November 26, 2018 Fletcher Long 1

We have been very pleased with the season Pikeville has had, to date. KPGFootball voted Pikeville in the top spot of nearly every ballot we cast this Fall in the Associated Press poll. We forecasted Pikeville would play Beechwood for the State Championship before the season even started. We have […]