Jacorian “TyTy” Meadows is the @minguabeefjerky ‘Protein-packed Performer’ of the Week. @Jmeadows52 @QuezUpNext @GuyBlythe1 @HoptownHFC @Daisjaunm1 @HHS_Defense @CoachStout42 @JaronMills45 @MaxPreps @1776Bank @KyHighFootball @kyhighs @HLpreps @PrepSpin @BentzelChris

August 17, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

His name is Jacorian Meadows. The folks around the Hoptown program call him TyTy. We at Mingua Beef Jerky and KPGFootball call him “JyNormous Jacorian.” College recruiters would do well just to call him quickly. Enjoy this look at a football player presently under the radar but once which shouldn’t be after today. Congratulations to JyNormous Jacorian and don’t forget to pick up a few bags of our one-of-a-kind beef jerky products to #savortheflavor! HB.

The KPGFootball Preseason, Class 4A Top Five. @HoptownHFC @HopHighTigers @BentzelChris @BigRebelNation @FCFlyerFootball @JCAthletics @BourbonFootball @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @1776Bank @MaxPreps @HLPreps @KyHighs

July 7, 2022 Henry Lyon 2

When you get to Kentucky 4A, that is the first class generally denoted as “Big Boy Football” within the commonwealth. For instance, players playing two-ways or “iron man football” at the 4A level or higher gets increasingly rare. Here is our best guess concerning how this classification shakes out this coming season. Enjoy! HB.

@NickMasek from @gomccracken looking toward winning much more than the day. @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @MaxPreps @1776Bank @KyHighFootball

December 14, 2021 Henry Lyon 1

Nick Masek is the big-bodied, athletic, huge handed TE college’s covet. He is a real weapon working against any second level defender with the build and length to put defenders on his back and use his arms and “mitts” to envelope passes thrown his way. Lots of schools are beating a path to his door. Enjoy the feature. HB.

@H_Bradley16 from @McCrackenCounty is the @1776Bank Revolutionary Player of the Week. @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @MaxPreps @KyHighFootball @McCrackenHFC

August 13, 2021 Henry Lyon 0

The Independence Bank Revolutionary Player of the Week Award is among the commonwealth’s oldest and most respected weekly awards. Of course, Mr. Football is the ultimate award for any high school player in Kentucky to win. It is a huge honor just to be in the running. This week’s Revolutionary Player has been named to the preseason “Watch List” for Mr. Football. That is quite an honor. So is winning this. The details about why he has been so honored by us today is within this feature. Enjoy and join us next week as we award another distinction to another worthy middle or high school player. HB.

@isaiahkeys58 from @gomccracken is the @1776Bank Revolutionary Player of the Week. @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @McCrackenHFC

March 19, 2021 Henry Lyon 1

We don’t really care about frame, length, or any of the other “measurables” which don’t tell you a thing about a prospect other than his appearance. Our “measurables” are the things over which a prospect has some control, the things which actually tell you something about him. Isaiah Keys has killed it in every measurable over which he has any control. That is why he is our Independence Bank “Revolutionary Player of the Week.” Come back next week as we award this distinction to another worthy recipient. HB.

This Time Around: We pick five District Championship Games which we believe will end differently this time around than their regular season counterparts…@minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball (Featured Photo Credit: Zack Klemme / The Daily Independent)

November 24, 2020 Henry Lyon 0

This is a new concept we are calling the “Second Time Around.” All of the teams we have chosen to feature played the other during the regular season. These are five matchups we believe may turn out differently than when the two teams first met in 2020. Here is our breakdown. Enjoy the article!

KPGFootball’s vote in this week’s Associated Press top-10 football poll…

October 4, 2020 Henry Lyon 0

We take voting in the AP poll very seriously. We are proud to be a subscribed member of the foremost press agency in the land and feel our votes should be cast thoughtfully and only after having done the work. This is how we cast our vote for the poll which will be released the 5th of October 2020. We also included some reasons for why certain teams were voted where they were. Enjoy the article and thanks for supporting our site. HB.

@schofficial86, the ‘Scholfield Leg-Rocket,’ is aiming for a banner senior year!

July 9, 2020 Henry Lyon 0

When I was coaching ball I used to say all the time having a potent placekicker on the roster was like finding a $20 bill in the pocket of a pair of pants you just got dry cleaned. It is really a luxury and can win you a championship, believe me. Well, Kentucky doesn’t have a better placekicker in the 2021 graduating class than McCracken County’s “The Scholfield Leg Rocket.” Enjoy the article. HB.