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Coach Marc Clark has utilized the cliché, “Win the Day” all the years we have followed him. We are sure the saying didn’t originate with him, though he is a very successful coach with a bright future in the business.

Centre College has been “in-home.” They won’t be alone. Highlights

We know the Oregon Ducks have used the slogan. According to what we could research on line, the slogan began years ago as a boredom-buster at the University of New Hampshire in an effort to spur effort from the players during dreary spring practices. The team enacted the slogan, “Win the Day,” and recognized daily winners each practice at their respective positions.

That and a slew of quarters will buy you a cup of coffee. However the slogan came into being, one Mustang, out-going senior has his heart and eyes set on winning many, many future days beyond the present.

Nick Masek is a rangy, thickly muscled, well put-together TE drawing quite a bit of interest. He is 6-3, weighs 225-pounds, and has a couple of “mitts” which leave one wondering how in the world he ever misses any footballs thrown his way.

He didn’t miss many targets this past season. Playing on an offense which was woefully young and has seen better days, this TE still managed to catch 33-passes for 388-yards and 2-TDs while contributing to the run game as the OL’s sixth member.

His brother, Zack, had a productive season too. Zack caught 38-passes for 423-yards and 4-TDs.

Masek has the tools and the hands or mitts!

Nick was just recently selected to the All-Western Kentucky Conference football team for ’21, one of seven Mustangs so honored. We don’t believe this will be his final honorarium this off-season.

The most important of honors, a spot on a tradition-rich, college roster for the next few years looks within his grasp. When weighing opportunities, his 4.0 GPA and registered test score of 29 on the ACT will give him loads of opportunity.

If thrown his way, history has taught us Nick Masek isn’t likely to come away empty-handed. Here’s another oft-used slogan which appears appropriately referenced in this article about Nick Masek, “History repeats itself.”

He has shown us in the past what he does when given opportunities. That same level of production appears just as likely in the future.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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  1. Love this! Thank you for highlighting him. How about some more love for his twin brother Zack??? They both had an awesome season and are smart and hardworking. Zack has amazing hands, fabulous route running, and can block like kids twice his size. This mom would love to see them both on the field together again! Any college would be getting quite the package with my two boys❤️❤️

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