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Every week at KPGFootball we believe it important to represent our subscribers and readers by faithfully and thoughtfully voting in the Associated Press top-10, high school football poll. After casting our vote, and before the poll gets published, we share with our “people” for whom we voted and why. The image above this paragraph simple demonstrates that we voted in this week’s poll and that the votes we are about to show you were properly registered.

In the 1A classification, many of you will take note of our dropping Pikeville from number one to number three. After all, they lost to a class 6A team at their place and Pikeville is only a 1A team. Well, Campbell County is far from a juggernaut 6A squad. Pikeville entered the contest thinking they would get a great “cosmetic” win against a so-so 6A to inflate their RPI for the upcoming playoffs. It backfired. Paintsville’s rise to number one has as much to do with beating Hazard by more than fifty-points, which both surprised and impressed us. Crittenden County is starting to look like the team to beat our West. Dayton and Bethlehem are both off to 4-0 starts.

We still believe, and have thought all year, LCA is the class of the 2A classification. They will get to prove it with Frederick Douglass on the horizon and a tilt or two with district rivals Somerset and Danville. Breathitt County showed it was getting better as they played a really good and fast Middlesboro team. If the Bobcats can get better defending the edge, they can make some noise. West Carter and Leetavious Cline have been scintillating, to say the least and it would appear Danville is back, not good news for LCA or Somerset. Mayfield is down, as the narrow win over a not so good Caldwell squad demonstrated.

Blazer is in mid-season form in spite of getting a late start on the year. We caught them dominating a Bourbon County squad without their first team QB available. Hard to imagine too many 3A’s playing with them outside Pike County and Belfry. Belfry may still be the class of this classification but as coaches are fond of saying, “you are your record.” Rockcastle County and Parky’s crew are really playing and the only blight against the record is the opening loss to a Letcher Central teams which looks more and more understandable as the season progresses. Letcher is really good. Tilghman has the athletes and tradition to beat anyone at any time.

Johnson Central appears unbeatable to us. Boyle County is really playing well and the type athletes which dot Marvin Dantzler’s roster at Central, year in and year out, is good enough to challenge for a title every year. We just said this, but it is worth repeating; Letcher Central is legit.

Owensboro may be the most talented and best ball club in the state this year in the 5A classification. Fallon has to beat Owensboro Catholic at Catholic and before you laugh at 2A Catholic’s chances, Fallon hasn’t won a game there since assuming the Red Devils’ reigns. We think he breaks that streak Friday night. He just has too much for one of the best coached teams which does the most with less than any team in Kentucky. Covington Catholic will probably top our poll until they lose. South Warren beat Bowling Green which tells us the Spartans are legit. We aren’t jumping on Douglass’s band wagon until they get by LCA. We aren’t sure they do either.

Some of the voters around Kentucky are too awe-struck by Louisville high-school football. Was talking to a voter the other day who told me Saint Xavier had the best class of 2022 talent in Kentucky. I told him LCA has the most talented slate of 22’s, a statement to which he professed amazement. Many of my fellow voters will vote St. Xavier into the 6A poll like I have done and ashamed to say that I did. Simply put, if St. X has the best junior class in Kentucky why are they sitting at 0-2, having been routed by Trinity, and losing to Bowling Green Senior High by two touchdowns. We said it above, at some point, you are your record. St. Xavier will drop out of my top-10 with another loss, I don’t care if the opponent is the Clemson Tigers. McCracken is really, really good and doesn’t get the “poll-cred” it deserves because it is a first-district team and the first-district rarely gets out of round 3. That being said, Marc Clark is one of Kentucky’s best offensive minds and his team is loaded with talent and is playing very, very well. Trinity is the classes best team and with the way it is permitted to recruit multiple surrounding states for talent, it might not be fair to consider the Shamrocks a high school team.

Anyway, the above is how we voted in each classification and why. Join us again next week. What the heck, we may as well do this again at that time. Look forward to it.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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