Danville’s Darrian Bell, Class of 2020, steering the defense

May 31, 2018 Fletcher Long 0

The most senior rank in the United State’s Navy is Admiral, which, coincidentally, is the mascot of Danville High School‘s athletic teams. Historically, since its inception, Admirals have commanded fleets and squadrons, or the ships and dockyard facilities in major ports. An Admiral has overall command of naval forces in the line of […]

Class of 2020 Noah Canady from Perry County Central

May 14, 2018 Fletcher Long 0

We here at KPGFootball have been effusive in our praise of high school strength & conditioning programs and the impact it can have on your football team’s play. Well, it would appear new coach Ovie Canady at Perry County Central High School in Hazard, Kentucky would agree. He is an […]