Springfield High School’s Kevaris Lark is the Stewart Williams Company’s Robertson County POW…

Stewart Williams Company has everything to make your house a home. Visit the showroom located on 801 Memorial Blvd. in Springfield , Tennessee. Stewart Williams Furniture Company believes in the home and furnishing it with both quality furniture and appliances which all of which makes one’s house a home. 

Both KPGFootball and the Stewart Williams Furniture Company wants to make the dreams and aspirations of the young athletes in and around Robertson County come true. After all, Robertson County has supported Stewart Williams all these years. That is why, when the opportunity presented to partner with KPGFootball to promote area, young football players in the hopes their athletic achievements would net, for their families and them, a college education and a better life, Stewart Williams said, count on us. 

Stewart Williams Furniture Company boasts the best prices on the most recognized and established brands of both furniture and appliances delivered right to you. Call them today at 615.384.7584, stop by the show room, or hit the underlined link, and shop the selection right on line. Stewart Williams has everything to make your house a home. Speaking of someone making a home…

Speaking of making a home…Springfield is one of the most storied and successful programs in Tennessee High School football. That is exactly why sophomores find it hard to get much varsity run on Friday nights playing for the Yellow Jackets.

Kevaris Lark is a rangy and athletic OLB and Class of 2021 prospect who figures to see his PT vertically explode in 2019 much like he gets off the floor for the Yellow Jackets’ varsity basketball team. Lark is 6-1 and weighs in at a svelte 170-pounds with a long, narrow frame which looks like it isn’t done adding bulk.

As this prospect matures, KPGFootball could see him coming up to the line, defensively, putting a hand in the dirt, and bending around the end in the future. We fore-see him being an upfield, pass-rushing specialist with the length, agility, and speed to close out and chase down the sweep into the boundary. Either way, Lark will be much more prominently in Coach Wilson’s plans this upcoming Fall.

Congratulations, to Kevaris Lark for being selected this week’s Stewart Williams Furniture Company’s Robertson County Player of the Week. Join us next week as we anoint a new recipient.

Reporting for KPGFootball, this is Fletcher Long reminding all of you ballers out there that #WeGotUCovered and to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE.

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