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We have begun featuring, here on KPGFootball, a weekly variety of shorter stories in one combined article about football news from around the coverage area. These articles feature snippets of information for the football enthusiasts which we consider, without a doubt, of interest to the Kentucky high school and middle school football fanatics, such as we. So, without further adieu, here we go with the News and Notes from the Gridiron

The Rivals adizero Nashville area combine…

I wrote a fairly salty article detailing my disgust with and the way in which parents and players, whom they don’t consider measure up to their stature requirements, are treated. Since publishing the article, which is linked here and entitled Rivals, KPGFootball won’t ever be back…here’s why, I have gotten scores of emails and text messages from either High School or former college coaches voicing their support of our assessment set forth in the article.

The Rivals’ Analyst

One HS head coach from Louisville’s 6A classification writes…You are completely right. I attempted to hover by that tent as well. I was trying to get them to take a look at one of my players. They were a cocky bunch of guys with a God complex. I also thought the same as you about whether any of them had ever played football. Another coach, who formerly was on a Division I, college football coaching staff for around a decade and was a long time recruiting coordinator for the team employing him reached out and said…Your assessment in the article of Rivals is spot on. Rivals is a “money grab.” It has value for the shining stars and prototype, dream players; but, in Rivals’ opinion, every one not in that category, is trash. There is no correlation between Rivals, scholarships, and the NFL. There is a correlation between hard work, toughness, ability, scholarships, and the NFL (Emphasis not in original). Incidentally, before any of you get too upset with a poor Rivals evaluation regarding your son, I thought I would include a group photo of the Rivals “brain trust.” Trying to figure out which one of that illustrious company has ever personally played any competitive sport is harder than rooting out truffles.

Still, all of the above notwithstanding, congratulations to 2019’s Stephen Herron, Jr., from Louisville Trinity, for winning MVP of the combine. Also competing were Class of 2022 Ben Vaughn, Class of 2021 William Long, Class of 2020 Javier Bland, Cam Jordan, Erick Grubbs, and Denarius Barnes, and 2019 Jordan Hopson. While I don’t have the specifics, they all acquitted themselves very well and Herron’s MVP matches his teammate, Rondale Moore’s MVP he won in Columbus, Ohio. Incidentally, to the left of this paragraph we have Grubbs, Hopson, Barnes, and Bland pictured; all from Hopkinsville.

Western Kentucky Coach’s combine…

Friday night, May 11, 2018 was the inaugural Western Kentucky Conference Coach’s Combine. In what is an inaugural event, the players from member teams in the conference who were either rising juniors or seniors were able to come to the combine and perform drill work and one on ones in front of college coaches from the FCS, Division II, III, and NAIA levels. There were plenty of coaches in attendance from places like UTMartin, Eastern Illinois University, Murray State University, Southeast Missouri University, and many more. There were offers extended and many players who performed their way onto college radars and wish lists. Kudos to Coach Clark at McCracken County High School for hosting the event and all the coaches in the WKC who helped run the combines. This was not just a good idea, but a rousing success.

From the Track…

Leavell, Photo:

We report both Powerlifting results and results from Track & Field as both sports relate well to skills necessary to be successful on the gridiron. We had some notable performances from Track & Field during the Regional Championships which have just taken place. First, AFI-KPG All-State LB, Grayson Cook, from Belfry, finished third in the long jump (18.8), 2nd in the triple jump (38-9), and 3rd in the high jump (5-6). Another AFI-KPG All-Stater from Belfry, Isaac Dixon, ran an 11.33 100 meter. For Dixon, a 2021 athlete, that puts his laser-timed, 40 yard dash in the low 4.6s. Taveon Hunter, who is Kentucky’s all-time yards per attempt leader, ran an 11.22 100 meter for 1st place in the Region. Dagan Rash, a guy we believe to be the class of the 2019’s at offensive guard is not only a prime target for the West Point Military Academy’s Black Knights, but he also won the shot put in the Field portion with a throw of 41-5. Finally, AFI-KPG All-Stater Jevon Leavell from Hopkinsville High School ran, at his Regional Track Meet, an 11.35, 100 meter sprint. With a short legged kid like Jevon however, as it relates to 40 yard dash time, Jevon’s 7.44 personal best time in the 60 meter sprint is more compelling to KPGFootball in forecasting his 40 yard sprint speed than converting his 100 meter time, for which the NFL actually provides a table. Now, the accepted conversion formula for converting a 60 meter time to a 40 yard dash is simple enough and is the following: 60 meter time (7.44) times .6096. Applying that formula, Mr. Leavell approximately runs the 40 yard dash in 4.53 seconds on the LASER! Folks, that is getting it on down the road!

This is Fletcher Long, reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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