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This guy is a ‘tweeter’ in that we could see him next-level as a slot WR or even beefed up playing TE. Where he plays positionally depends on where he sticks and what kind of role that program envisions for a player with his skill set and physical dimensions. Smith reports being committed to EKU.

Fletcher W. Long, Senior Scout and Editorial Board Member for KPGFootball

We went to a game once at a high school with a very good basketball program to watch this program play a football game. They couldn’t paint straight lines on the field.

We would never “out” this program, but if you are a fan of the “Andy Griffith Show” this reference might be both understandable and appropriate. Don’t let “Otis (the drunk)” paint your field before home games. Enough said.

Anyway, in today’s day and time where college athletes stand the chance of being paid substantial, life changing sums in “right now” dollars; playing football at a program which doesn’t care enough about the sport to paint its field properly is neither funny nor tolerable.

Prospects shouldn’t be saddled with staying at such a program. Nor should prospects be penalized for leaving.

The NCAA, which the KHSAA makes a point of “following,” permits free transfer and immediate eligibility to its athletes. We forecast the KHSAA will soon follow suit.

A guy who is “ahead of the curve” and used to being so is Landon Smith. Smith is a 6-4, 205-pound slot/TE prospect who has enrolled at Hazard High School for the upcoming Fall season. Smith is built like a brick crap-house, as his picture to the right would certainly support. Smith is also fast as he reports a 40-yard dash time of 4.64 seconds; which is moving for a kid projected next level as a TE.

Landon Smith dominated the action at last year’s Appalachia Prep Combine (APC). Smith is headed back to Gatlinburg, this year, hoping to do the same.

Here is what the Director of the APC said about Smith a year ago, “This kid proved he may be the best WR in Kentucky’s ’23 class. He was the best we saw from the Bluegrass.”

Director Powell continued, “He (Smith) made about three ESPN Sports Center quality, one-handed grabs while being covered by some of the best DBs in the eastern part of America. He (Smith) backed up his ‘hands’ with excellent route running and incredible ability to high point the football.”

We asked Director Powell, about what level of prospect he believe Smith to be. Powell told KPGFootball, “We believe he’s a FBS-level talent.” The analysts at QB Hit List would seem to agree.

A national recruiting service, called QB Hit List, which rates more positions than just QB, has ranked Smith a 3-star prospect and Kentucky’s top WR in its ’23 class. Here is a link to that ranking.

Smith reports to KPGFootball he has transferred to 1A power program, Hazard High. He will be a Bulldog in the Fall.

We asked Smith about this move. He told KPGFootball, “I’m happy to be a Bulldog. You know, Hazard has a rich tradition and there is a standard you have to meet to be a Bulldog.”

Smith went on to tell us, “I am only concerned with being the best leader and player I can be to help the team meet the Bulldog standard. I am here to win football games.”

Landon Smith’s joining any roster is significant. He is a two-way player whose contributions from the safety/LB post pay immediate dividends even were he to fail to catch the first forward pass.

What does his addition do to a roster districted with Pikeville and Sayre? Does it get the Bulldogs past the defending Kentucky, Class 1A, Football Champions in ’21?

Smith on the hardwood

Well, you know, it might. Remember, Hazard, in the shot heard around the mountains, eliminated then-defending 1A champion, Pikeville, in round-two of the ’20 playoffs.

To refresh the reader’s recollection, Hazard opened that season 0-5, including a 43-7 thrashing at the hands of Pikeville on October 16 in Pikeville. Thereafter, Hazard righted the ship and eliminated the Panthers, 21-12, again in Pikeville, in the playoff’s second-round.

No one can say Hazard can’t beat Pikeville. Hazard usually does beat Sayre.

Smith tells us he’s happy to be a Bulldog. We haven’t talk to the Bulldogs but are willing to bet they are happy to have him.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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