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This kid here can flat play especially along the interior offensive front. With his grades there will be plenty of programs lining up for his services offering him tremendous opportunity to further his athletic and academic careers. Definitely one of ’23’s finest OGs across Kentucky.

Fletcher W. Long, Senior Scout and Editorial Board Member KPGFootball

Division 1 college football programs will tell you they like their interior offensive linemen to be in the 6-3 range. If you are an offensive center, you may be able to pull off 6-2 (Drake Jackson, formerly at UK and an All-SEC performer).

Where does that leave you at 6-1? You will not like our answer. We take no pleasure in its provision.

The fact of the matter is, for most schools you encounter, a half-inch short of the school’s desired “measurables” for a certain position might as well be a foot. There are countless numbers of football parents and coaches who have before been here and seen or done this.

Corey Bitterling is among the top-OGs in Kentucky’s ’23 class. His is one of the finer highlight films we have ever had the privilege of evaluating.

Bitterling’s a 300 pound “hard charger,” who plays with explosion and leverage. Bitterling dominates the man across from him, and any other insufferable fool who happens to cross his down field blocking lane.

There is a reason Bitterling is an interior offensive line mainstay for one of Kentucky’s premier 5A football programs. There is a reason the Spartans are defending state champions.

It is because Corey Bitterling is flipping great at football. It is because moving the football behind a line of scrimmage anchored by the Bitterling-types make both point and win productions relatively straight forward.

What are the options for the “Corey Bitterlings” of the football world. Actually, they are both myriad and attractive.

Bitterling has a 3.89 GPA at one of Kentucky’s finest public academic high schools. He is an extremely skilled football player.

This all makes Bitterling a serious candidate for small colleges with big time athletic programs and budgets. There are quite a few of those around Kentucky.

The future is bright for Corey Bitterling. For one, there are (or certainly will be) scads of colleges clamoring for his services. Secondly, his grades and scores will insure his admission and his qualifying for quite a bit of financial support, be it academic or athletic.

The future is very bright for Corey Bitterling, my friends. Don’t you worry about that one little bit.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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