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It is the most prestigious middle school football event in Kentucky. It is your middle school player’s most important networking opportunity. It forges relationships and friendships like no other event of its kind. It is the Kentucky Future Stars, a.k.a. Team Kentucky.

Kentucky Future Stars is about to hold tryouts. If you believe your middle school football player is among the commonwealth’s best; then the opportunity to demonstrate that will be here before you know it.

In past years you would go to the Kentucky Future Stars site and access its registration link. Incidentally, you will still need this following link. This year, instead of registering there, you will need to provide the requested information to the director of Future Stars Football by emailing him at

Don’t forget, when registering, identify the area where your son will be trying out. These are the areas and dates where there will be combines. You may select the one in your area, attend them all, or go to anyone you wish if you have a conflict with the one in your area.

March 27th will be the Northern, Kentucky tryout. April 3rd will be the Eastern Kentucky’s turn. April 10th will be the tryout for the Lexington area. April 17th the combine will be in Western Kentucky. April 25th the road show will have its finale in Louisville. You will have to keep accessing the link above to learn where the tryouts will be held in each area as locations are posted to the site.

It is $35 per athlete. All athletes receive a t-shirt, combine stats (posted on website), good football workout (including position specific drills), and participate in team tryouts! Please note only those who pre-register receive a T-Shirt!

The equipment needed for the tryout is the following: athletic apparel (t-shirt, shorts, etc) & cleats.

Kentucky Future Stars will select between 40-50 athletes per team; meaning 40–50 (8th Graders) and 30-50 for 6th and 7th grade teams respectively. This years games will be in Kentucky.

This event yearly features players who go on to become stars at the high-school level, dominate Kentucky All-State football team selections, and get recruited to play at the college level. Numerous alumni are presently playing in the NFL from both Kentucky and Tennessee. If there is a present star in Kentucky High School football, the chances are he was a former Kentucky Future Star.

Kentucky Future Stars. a.k.a. Team Kentucky, a.k.a. #Brotherhood, forges relationships from the game which last a lifetime. Once you play for Team Kentucky, you remain a member of Team Kentucky forever.

We interviewed Justin Dearinger, whose own son, Darion, has signed with Marshall’s Thundering Herd during the NCAA, Division I (FBS) Early Signing Period. Justin told KPGFootball, “Darion played on Team Kentucky (Future Stars) with LaVell Wright, Dekel Crowdus, Austin Gough, William Long, and many others. These guys corresponded and remained part of each other’s lives and playing careers throughout their high school playing days. It was absolutely a positive experience. They still talk and interact like family even now.”

We talked to another parent, Greg Gough of Owensboro, Kentucky. Gough told KPGFootball, “Not only did the kids become lifelong friends at the event but many of us parents did too. I still talk with many of Austin’s teammates dads even today. I am thrilled to have another son about to embark down this same path. It is one of the best things going for kids this age in athletics across Kentucky.”

Good luck to all the kids who come out and compete and lets get out there Team Kentucky and put it to the Tennessee Future Star team in this summer’s classic.

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