Isaac McNamee, Class of 2022’s top-KY QB, Pikeville

C. Roberts

It is hard to determine just how much impact a freshman is going to have on a varsity football team. When that team is as LOADED as Pikeville High School is heading into the 2018 season, it is really hard to forecast. Now I just recently told you that Pikeville High School, whom we have preseason Number 1 in Class 1A here at KPGFootball has a quarterback right now and a really, really good one. All Conner Roberts did last season for Pikeville was carry it 82 times for 550 yards and 12 TDs on the ground and complete 76 of 135 pass attempts for 1,129 yards passing and 15 TD passes completed. Overall, he accounted for 27 TDs and had a completion percentage of .5630 while only getting intercepted 5 times. Of course Roberts is a senior on top of it in 2018, so one would think beating out the 5-10 QB who scored 14 points a night running the basketball team too would be a daunting challenge to say the least. Well, if it can be done by any freshman QB in Kentucky, Isaac McNamee is the one who could. If nothing else, McNamee will get time to season before accepting the reigns next season and, along the way, we still expect him to get enough varsity run to letter.

When I say Isaac McNamee is a specimen, what I mean to say is I would draw him if you asked me to draw a high school, or even college, division 1 quarterback. The son of a football coach and former college All-American at EKU, McNamee is 6-3 inches tall and already weighs 210 pounds. At our recent All-State Mountain Combine, he clocked a 4.98 40 yard dash time, ran the pro-agility shuttle in 4.5, the L-Cone drill in 7.6, and repped the middle school rep weight of 115 pounds on the bench press 15 times. That’s natural strength too, as middle school kids rarely, if ever, lift. According to the bench press, one-rep maximum, online calculator that would put his approximate bench press max at 170 or so pounds right now. Check that number in 6 months or so. I first wrote about the former Kentucky Future Star way back in June of 2017 in an article I have linked here for your convenience. I thought he was the top pro-style QB at that time and I haven’t seen anything to convince me otherwise in all the time since.

Now McNamee skipped Future Stars this year in order to compete in Coach David Cutcliffe’s QB Academy at Duke University which occurred at, roughly, the same time. McNamee drops, sets up, and delivers the ball from the perfect release point and quickly with tremendous zip. He is accurate with his throws and reads through his progressions like a much older quarterback. In watching him during the seven on seven portion of the Mountain Combine I remarked to our Executive Director, Phelps High School’s, Dave Jones, that it was apparent to me the kid had been really well coached. This kid starts, day one as a freshman, at 80% of the high schools in Kentucky. Were he starting at Pikeville High School, I would still have them at the top of the 1A Classification. He’s just that good. Oh yeah, before I forget, we selected him the top QB at the Mountain All-State Combine.

This is Fletcher Long, reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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