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In a performance which can only be described as Good Golly, Miss Molly, with apologies to Hopkinsville’s Little Richard, Carson Wright came to the Mountain All-State Kentucky Combine intent on proving that it is he, and not Hopkinsville’s JT Adams, who is 2023’s top LB. Wright certainly framed a very compelling argument. I don’t know when I have ever seen a more physically gifted, or athletically elite kid, his age, in all of the nearly 50 years I have lived.

Now I featured him in an article just this past May (the 18th to be exact). We noted he had run a 4.94 forty yard dash, and a pro-agility shuttle of 4.69 seconds at a combine the summer before entering the 7th grade. We should also note Wright was 7th grade Team Kentucky’s Defensive MVP in the Tennessee-Kentucky Future Stars Classic as a sixth grader. Well, the 5-11, 170 pound linebacker, who is now entering his 8th grade year, decided to show us at the All-State Mountain Combine, that those numbers were child’s play in taking the Top Honors among the middle school participants.

At the Mountain Combine, Wright clipped the 40 yard dash in 4.52 seconds and registered a 4.31 pro-agility shuttle. Wright also registered a 7 second L-cone drill time. That time on the L-cone drill would have been a top-five time for the high schoolers. As for strength, how about 20 repetitions on the flat bench at the middle school rep weight of 115 pounds? That would put his one-rep maximum on that particular lift at 186 pounds. Funny thing is, if you watch the video of his lift on www.DavidandDarrylSports.com, I am not sure he didn’t just quit at 20. It appeared to me he had about three more reps left in reserve. Take that JT Adams!

Carson also dominated the combine’s seven on seven portion and the one-on-ones making his performance, this past week-end, intimidating, if we at KPGFootball were searching for that one-word description, everyone so favors. I can only reiterate some of what I wrote about Carson in the May, 2018 article in that, if it didn’t violate KHSAA rules, the kid would be playing varsity football this Fall for Pikeville High School. As it is, he will have to play middle school football in what will amount to a season-long echoing of opposing fans jabbering, How old is that kidand Hey, this isn’t fair! To all you middle school mothers of running backs or quarterbacks whom Carson Wright will blow up this next Fall, we at KPGFootball agree with you and can only offer that…You’re probably right; it probably isn’t the least bit fair. Frankly, in speaking with the coaches who conducted the All-State Mountain Combine, they all forgot he was even a 2023 kid. He would have challenged for the same honors he won as a middle schooler had he been a high school player. When he starts lifting in earnest as part of a high school Strength & Conditioning Program, into what he figures to transmogrify may be altogether frightening, and likely just as unfair!

This is Fletcher Long, reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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